Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It List: Tuesday

A Giant Dog/ John Wesley Coleman III/ Kampfgrounds (J&J's): I wrote the below Austin dis before I realized that A Giant Dog is in fact a band from Austin, and not a half bad one either. Their sound is pretty much that Austin "garage rock" sound (whatever the hell that even means anymore), but we can't necessarily fault everyone who makes this music just because its the go-to genre for "edgy" Ron Paul supporters. Anyway, A Giant Dog actually does this kind of thing the right way, and fans of the Oh Sees and the Fresh and Onlys, especially those who dig a rougher sound with more rockabilly and classic rock n roll influences, will certainly want to see this.

Singles Going Steady (Rubber Gloves): This looks and sounds like a good time, but if it was in Austin it would annoy me. That's why Denton's "scene" is better, in a nutshell-- thanks to that stupid Matador comp, we're gonna have to face at least several years of almost every band coming out of Austin consisting of people trying to "make it" in music. Bummer.


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