Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morning Rock

MON: Rip It Up/Raging Boner/Innards/Prognosis Negative (1919 Hemphill)
TUE: Corbin and The Loners/Lauren Moseley/Two Knights (1919 Hemphill)
THR: White Drugs/Puffy Areolas/Kaboom (Rubber Gloves)
THR: Blixaboy/Yells At eels/New Fumes (The Cavern)
THR: Gordon Lightfoot (Verizon Theatre)
FRI: George Quartz/Darktown Strutters/Future Blondes/DJG (Pastime Tavern)
FRI: Prince William/Vulgar Fashion/Sextape (Fallout Lounge)
FRI: Slow Form of Suicide/Contract Killers/Shudder/Ratt Bastards/Electric Vengeance (1919 Hemphill
FRI: Analog Rebellion/Archeology/Land Mammals/Young and Brave (Hailey's)
SAT: Violent Squid/Embolization/Akkolyte/The Body (Pastime Tavern)
SUN: Video/Gestapo Kazi/We Are Brothers (Rubber Gloves)


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