Friday, August 06, 2010



Zanzibar Snails
| Experimental Birthday Band | ...Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride | A Smile Full of Ale (Dan's)

One of two terrific experimental/noise/whatever shows to happen in Denton this week, the other being the Doom show Tuesday with RUN DMT/Take up Serpents. Tuesday's show was so far my favorite show of the summer, with Ariel Pink and Quintron close contenders. Perfect mix of the unexpected, audience coagulation and sweat. I gave a stranger a ride home after the show which ended sometime after 3am. The entire ride their eyes were wide open in post shock from the nights performances, or possibly some DMT that was consumed earlier. We discussed how difficult it is to pin point what exactly it is about these live experiences that are so enthralling. The general consensus was the power they have to bring people together to experience a performance that most would never dream of attending. But back to this show. Experimental Birthday Band features members of Ghostcar while ...Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride features Aaron Gonzalez. I'm sure tonight will end up like a avant-garde version of Hee-Haw with members on and off the stage at various times. Recommended.

Laser Disc | Final Club | Tow the Line | Land Mammals (Lion's Den)

The show starts at 9pm and it is requested that you leave the premises promptly after the show is over so the cops don't show up. This is a great place for shows and we all want these to happen more often don't we? So don't be a dummy and linger in the street trying to pick up half drunken girls, get over to Dan's cause I bet the show will still be going on over there. If you are lucky I bet you can convince the girls to follow you.

Grass Fight | Deep Snapper | Spiral Sound (Pastime Tavern)

Nathanael Mehrens | Bryan Wakeland | David Ramirez | Matthew Gray | (The Kessler)


Curvette | Monkeytown | Count Dracula's Weed Smuggling Jam Engine (Hailey's)

Curvette remind me of the experimental instrumental stuff that came out of the early nineties via Chicago like Gastr del Sol or Tortoise but with a dirtier southern grace. I can get bored easily by music of this type but these guys have a energy more akin to a jazz trio that keep the songs exciting from the get go. The songs seem tailored made for live performance and crowd surfing.

Record Hop | Saboteur | Bad Design (Rubber Gloves)

Woven Bones | Nervous Curtains | The Bipolar Express (The Nightmare)

The other contender for weekender video was of course Nervous Curtain's All Yesterday's Parites. A very well done and funny video. Could this be a break out single for Nervous Curtains, I am putting twenty dollars down that they will be opening for Norah Jones next year.

Away From the Numbers (Fallout Lounge)


Spooky Folk | Dark Dark Dark | Fox & The Bird (Hailey's)


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