Friday, August 13, 2010



Nightmare on Mulberry w/ Shane English | R9 | DJG | Denton's Bella Bombers Burlesque (Hailey's)

This is a goth themed dance party with some spooky burlesque entertainment.

The Wax Museums | The Pleasure Kills | Wild America | Bad Lovers (Rubber Gloves)

Alexander Robotnick | Mr. Daishiki Jones | Myles Francis (Brooklyn Jazz Cafe)

I called Brooklyn Jazz and the guy said the show is starting at 8pm.

Birds and Batteries | Spooky Folk | Roy Robertson (Andy's)

Subex's second anniversary show. Congrats on making it this long.


Manatee Tights | Dharma | Kampfgrounds (Dan's)

Record Hop | Matthew & the Arrogant Sea | Regina Chellew | Pinkish Black (Kessler)


True Woomanhood | Darktown Strutters | Vulgar Fashion (Rubber Gloves)

3 On Sunday (Dan's)

Improvisation on a Concerto Generator

"Under a tight deadline, composer Laurie Spiegel slept in the labs of Bell Telephone while the final components for the Alles synthesizer were being completed. The final composition, commissioned by Bell and the Motion Picture Academy, is seen here in the only existing footage of the first real-time synthesizer being played."

Paddle to the Sea

“Based on Holling C. Holling’s beloved Caldecott-awarded children’s book, William Mason’s stunning film follows the adventures of a tiny, wood-carved canoe as it forges its own path from Lake Superior through the Great Lakes and down to the Atlantic Ocean. Buoyed by beautiful photography and a sense of true wonder about the sun, Earth, and water, the Academy Award–nominated Paddle to the Sea is an unforgettable tribute to the forces of the natural world, as well as a thrilling journey across the waves and rapids of North America.”

PHI TA KHON: Ghost of Isan

"Masks and outfits made of coconut husks, rice steamers, shredded rags and clanging bells transform participants of Thailand’s PHI TA KHON festival into ghosts, devils, demons, and spirits unleashed for a bacchanal. Outrageous wooden phalluses and plenty of rice whiskey heighten licentious behavior as MO LAM--Thai country groove music--blasts from makeshift bands in the back of pickup trucks… 
Described as ‘The Mardi Gras from Hell’ and ‘Thai Halloween" PHI TA KHON is a ghost festival that takes place every year in the Isan province of Northern Thailand."

Filmed on location by Robert Millis and Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls) in June 2004.


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