Friday, August 27, 2010


First things first:

I hate to self importantly inundate you with our various press profiles of late, but we are surprised at the amount of interest ever since we announced our imminent finale. You may be surprised to see that we did an interview with The Dallas Observer's Pete Freedman for their DC 9 At Night blog. Freedman starts off by stating:

For the past five years, We Shot JR, for better or worse, has been a fairly prominent player in the local music scene...

What do you all think? Has it been for the better? Or for worse?

Also, bummed to hear about the once-ample parking available at the Phoenix Project, having to be done away with. Click here to read why.


Black Friday With Anthony Stanford/Keith P/Ben White (Fallout Lounge)

Justice Yeldham/Solypsis/Drums Like Machine Guns/Heavy Medical/Depths/Filth/Ascites (Doom): You may have heard of Justice Yeldham. He's mostly known for his technique of shouting into, and on, and...through a sheet of amplified glass, which often cuts him, and leaves him bloody at the end of a performance. He represents everything that annoys, bothers, or scares people about this type of music and performance, and then goes beyond all of that even. I would actually love to see this show. I have always enjoyed the videos and recordings, but I pass out if I nick myself shaving. I may just have to stomach it, because this seems lie the best lineup all weekend.

This show also marks the birthday of House Of Tinnitus-organizer and Lychgate noisemaker, Rob Buttrum, who helped put this show on at The Majestic Dwelling of Doom, so wish him a Happy Birthday. His shows have been a joy to see over the years and I have always found his aesthetic filter to be one of the most discriminating, as well as one of the most intelligent in the area. He's always been one of those people so rare in any music community; someone that knows how to say that all-too powerful and seldom uttered word: "No." Happy Birthday, Rob. You completely fucking rule.

Kashioboy/Peopleodian/Museum Creatures (The Nightmare)

ADD: Rodrigo Diaz/Oleg B (The Cavern-upstairs-)

Drug Mountain
| Dust Congress | Daniel Francis Doyle | Drink to Victory (Rubber Gloves): This is Drug Mountain's last show, and that's a shame, but at least this lineup is completely solid. Unfortunately, I believe they are almost completely sold-out of their twelve inch, if not just a handful of copies shy.

Stymie | No Heroes | Sour Mash | Genius Party | Prognosis Negative | High Anxieties (Little Guys Movers)

Florene | Missions | Cygnus | Mikey Rodge (The Cavern)

Telegraph Canyon | Spooky Folk | Monahans | Final Club | Old Snack | Baruch the Scribe | Goldilocks & The Rock | Land Mammals | DJ Five Easy Pieces (Hailey's)

El Cento/Orange Peel Sunshine/Les Americains/Diamond Age (Kessler): The description on the invite mentions something about Diamond Age being a "self-contained" project, implying a solo project, and if that's the case I really want to see how this is pulled off. I keep missing this guy.


Tweak Bird | Drums Like Machine Guns | Heavy Medical | Depths (The Nightmare)


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