Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WSJR Reader of the Week-- Rodrigo Diaz!

Sometimes we like to kick little shout outs to the people who make all this possible-- the bands? Oh hell no, THE FANS! This week we're showing our appreciation for one of our most avid readers, the Dallas Observer's own Rodrigo Diaz. Why? Well we've never spoken with Rodrigo so we can't be 100% sure how often he reads WeShotJR, but we're pretty sure he must check out the site, at least from time to time, based on the two latest stories he's filed for the Observer.

You see, a couple weeks ago we posted a short story on Denton's White Drugs releasing a full length album on Amphetamine Reptile, and a few days after we did so, Rodrigo went ahead and did his own story on the exact same thing after reading our post (he basically admitted this in the comments section of his story). Was his article just a copy of our post? Well, not exactly. After all, he did make the shocking revelation that the band hadn't "technically signed" with the label, and instead had only come to some kind of agreement on releasing one full length and a couple of tracks on AmRep compilations (altough written or not, any agreement like this could be considered a contract of some kind and thus render the band "signed" with the label, even if they didn't literally pick up a pen). We kind of wish our pal Rodrigo would have let his readers know where he first got wind of this story, but its ok, we won't hold something like that against one of our fans.

Next, we did a short post last week previewing a performance from Italo Disco legend Alexander Robotnick, and several days later, Rodrigo did his very own post previewing the same show, this time adding an interview that was quite enjoyable to read. Again, Rodrigo didn't plagiarize us, but we're pretty sure that we must have served as an inspiration for him yet again, and we're very pround to be able to influence a writer for and thus the reporting of a paper with a large circulation like the Dallas Observer, even if we don't get credit for it.

So thanks for reading, Rodrigo, and keep up the good work! You're welcome to come work directly for us any time you like!


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