Monday, September 13, 2010

It List: Monday

Not much going on this evening, but I did want to point out an error of ours that I regret just a bit: last Thursday, we failed to mention a Weekly Tape Deck sponsored show featuring Lower Dens, a Baltimore group that includes Texas ex-pat Jana Hunter. I think I remember when Hunter lived in Texas (Austin, right?), and I also think I remember her music from back then being more traditionally folk or influenced by Joanna Newsom or something like that, but I could be totally wrong-- I do remember her working with Devendra Banhart at one point, so there's that.

Either way, its obvious that her music didn't make an incredible impression on me because I can't seem to remember a damn thing about it. But thats not the point. The point is that I recently got my hands on Lower Dens' most recent record, Twin Hand Movement, and have been enjoying it quite a bit. In a year where I just haven't been impressed with much of anything that has received a lot of attention from hip Mp3 blogs and the larger "indie rock" community as a whole, this record really hit the spot-- dark, sparse arrangements that seem to fall somewhere between Low and Fleetwood Mac with an XX meets Oh Sees sorta feel, except with better songwriting.

Anyway, its one of the better rock records I've heard this year, and I regret that we missed listing it last week, even though the fact that the show was in... barf... Frisco, almost made it not worth talking about at all. JK Frisco love ya!

Cool Out (the Cavern)


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