Monday, September 20, 2010

It List: Monday

Blissed Out/Cygnus/Marriage Material/Florene (Majestic Dwelling of Doom): I was talking with a friend the other day about the band "Blissed Out," and before I'd ever heard them or read anything about them, I took a guess as to what they sounded like: a chillwave version of Vivian Girls. I was wrong about the specifics, but I was correct to place them into one of the new "genres" getting written about so much as of late, and I really can't decide whether thats a good thing or not. The group could probably fairly be categorized as part of this whole "Witch House" thing that seems to be gathering steam thanks to the nearly break out success of Salem, which is all fine and good if you can dig music that's influenced equally by early Aphex Twin AND the Misfits, and I suppose I can, even if this stuff will never blow anyone away with its originality. Could see the live show being a pretty good time, however, and where better to test this theory than the Wonderful Majestic Dwelling?

TV Buddahs/Mad Happy (Rubber Gloves): Berlin by way of Israel based TV Buddhas have been getting a lot of attention recently in certain circles of the American underground music media, including Dusted Magazine, among others, and for good reason-- the band comes off as some sort of lost midwestern proto-punk band with healthy doses of dark psychedelic rock, nasty, repetitive blues and, of course, The Stooges, and it almost always works quite well. I've been listening to their album the Golden Period a lot this year, and fans of any of the aforementioned things will probably dig it.

Cosmos (Hailey's)


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