Thursday, September 02, 2010

It List: Thursday

Balmorhea/Doug Burr/Bosque Brown (The Granada)

MuhammadAli/Leg Sweeper/SRY (the Cavern)

One Against Many/Raging Boner/High Anxieties/Decades (1919 Hemphill)

Peopleodian/Dear Human/Baruch The Scribe/Western Giants (Rubber Gloves): So we've already discussed a lot of these local groups in recent months, particularly the awfulness of Baruch the Scribe and the surprisingly intriguing sounds of Peopleodian, an interesting project with one of the worst names ever. Dear Human play an effective brand of instrumental math rock that isn't and probably won't ever be my thing, but fans of the genre will likely appreciate much of it.


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