Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Anberlin (Good Records): I am only listing this show on the off-chance that you might buy something at Good Records that isn't completely terrible. I couldn't find a listing for this act playing anywhere else, so does that mean that Gee Rex (as old-schoolers call it) is actually a venue? There is a controversy over whether or not this emo rock band is "Christian," which should tell you all need to know about this whole affair. Who knows, Good Records may be overrun with young non-denoms still rocking bangs and plugs tonight. Oh, boy.

This is all-too-easy though. Even a frat boy could make fun of this band and go back to listening to Teengirl Fantasy. Yes, friends, these are the times we live in. Show is at 7 PM.

Also: I know you know you'll never believe it, but we do have a great interview coming up from one of our freelancers that I'm actually looking forward to.


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