Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It List: Wednesday

To Catch An Editor: A Public Service Announcement From DL

Following a cordial interview after we announced we were quitting, I promised myself I would leave The Observer alone, but what do you all think of this rather blatant attempt to publish a tasteless article for nothing more than to possibly have it go viral? I don't have the exact demographics on who reads The Dallas Observer, but I would like to think that it's not only young heterosexual males that consume 5 to 8 alcoholic drinks a day and go to frat parties every weekend. I mean, that's not the case, right? That's even selling that particular segment of society short.

That notoriously elusive and profitable crowd may be the desired demographic, but this kind of Maxim Magazine-styled junk "journalism" isn't really doing the interested parties of the DFW music scene any favors, nor is it respecting your intelligence. People keep bringing up the "void" that will be left once we're gone, and I constantly remind people that it's no big deal at all and a couple of high school bands or gallery attendants could probably do just as well or better. But after reading something like that, even I'm starting to miss us. If the article you're writing causes one to compare oneself to a captive culprit on To Catch A Predator perhaps you might want to go back to the drawing board...

Okay, back to the shows-

A Smile Full Of Ale/Ascites/Screamin' Fetus/Welby/Carbon & Water/Jackie Kennedy/So Boring (An Airplane Hangar located at 11653 Airway Blvd, Roanoke, TX 76262): This sounds like a joke made by some shitty commenter: "Why don't you go have a show in an airplane hangar you fucking weirdos?!" Okay, so they are.

Disco Cube Wednesdays with DJ Trademarx (Fallout Lounge)

Cheddy Tedderson's Live Karaoke (Rubber Gloves): Can I do "Interstate Love Song?" That's what this is, right? The 90's regurgitated as a joke in live karaoke form? I remember when it was lame to still like Oingo Boingo. I miss those days.


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