Friday, September 03, 2010



Kicking Spit | Wiccans | Dark Forces (Little Guys)

One of my favorite places to see shows as of late.

Nervous Curtains | New Science Projects | Pinkish Black | Delmore Pilcrow (Rubber Gloves)

Free week so it's free.

Amandla | Record Hop | Here Holy Spain (Double Wide)

Amandla is the musical project of Ween drummer Claude Coleman Jr. The guy makes some pleasing neo-soul with psychedelic flourishes that help shape the music instead of serving as novelty kitsch. Think an un-ironic Freedom of 76'.


Fiskadoro | Marriage Material | Cuckoo Byrds | Wanz Dover | DJG (Nightmare)

Best show in Dallas on a very crowded night. This will be the Dallas debut for Frank favorites Cuckoo Byrds, hope the regulars are ready. Fiskadro come from Houston and feature ex-Indian Jewelery member Travis Kerschen. The sound is reminiscent of early PiL or a lounge-ier Liquid Liquid. Fiskadoro's Hypnotic and dubby sound should be a nice come down after the frenetic jitter of Marriage Material.

Away From the Numbers (Fallout Lounge)

This month's installment of the proto/glam/shoegaze extravaganza helmed by the able crates of DJ Gabriel and Telegram Sam seems to have a Brian Eno theme according to the online postings. Sounds good to me. I once saw a Brian Eno cover night in Austin sometime in the early oughts which consisted mainly of dudes that looked like they were slinging gear for Eno in the early 70s. There was only about ten people there but one of those was none other than Britt Daniel from Austin's own Spoon. I was a never a big Spoon fan but the dude new alot about Eno and his autograph scored me some major significant other points.

Kiki | Opencloud | DragonLazer (the Cavern)

Kiki is pretty hi profile electronic artist out of Germany and on the b-pitch label. Probably the show of the night for electroisseurs but not worth noting to the rest of the population.

Mind Spiders | Sunnybrook | Melting Season | Land Mammals (Rubber Gloves)

More of the free.

Sir Name and the Janes | Missile | Cory Howe and the Dead Flowers (The Doublewide)

This is a CD release for Dallas based 3 piece Missile who are either very tongue in cheek or very eager to star in a sequel to Scorpio Rising. Too bad the straight ahead garage rock sound doesn't match the campy facade. The high production values of the Myspace tells me these guys mean business.

Amandla | Dovehunter (Hailey's)


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