Friday, September 10, 2010


Oh, man, it takes all of my strength not to post a Keyboard Cat video spliced with footage from tomorrow's extremely exploited date, but I just don't have it in me. Instead I've posted a pic from what is considered Spike Lee's "9/11 movie," because that seems just as ridiculous right now, even though I remember kind of liking it. It's no surprise that I don't have time to break this down show-by-show, but I hope you still find some passing interest in the utilitarian aspects of the following late-as-usual list. Some random thoughts:

1. Today I went record shopping out of a guy's storage space in Richardson. It was fantastic. I found some random nonsense like a Cerrone produced dance record by Don Ray, some terrible rock record that I bought merely for the accidentally good album cover, and Skeeter Davis. Glad to see that Dallas can still surprise me. For more info, DM me.

2. What's more offensive? --"EFF YOU" or "FORGET YOU?"

3. You should really do yourself a favor and click on the audio link accompaniment to yesterday's Maria Bamford interview, as conducted by sometimes WSJR contributor, Rick V. It is sickeningly charming.


Curvette/Violent Squid/Peopleodian/Kaboom (a Barn in Denton)

Black Friday with Keith P/Anthony Stanford/Ben White (Fallout Lounge)

Female Demand/Final Club ("Big Ol' House" located at
2245 W Oak in Denton)

Hentai Improvising Orchestra/Violent Squid/Tony Sims (1919 Hemphill)

Autolux/Gold Panda (The Loft)

Designer Drugs/Yeah Def (Granada)

Maria Bamford (Sanders Theater in Fort Worth)

That's what's Hot with Rodrigo Diaz/Oleg B (The Cavern)


"Cats & Dogs Denton Humane Society Benefit" Greg Ginn/Shiny Around the Edges/Dust Congress/Brent Best/Chris Flemmons/Dim Locator/Dear Human/RTB2/Spooky Folk/Record Hop/Video/New Science Projects/Delmore Pilcrow/Sabra Laval (Rubber Gloves): Greg Ginn?

Joe Buckyourself/Dim Locator (Dan's Silverleaf)

Something Fierce/Bare Wires/Static Mind (The Nightmare)

Maria Bamford (Sanders Theater)


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