Friday, September 17, 2010



Harlem | Sir Name and the Janes | Tiger Thrust (Nightmare)

Ms. Sandy & Ms. Yet/Unconscious Collective/Nick Cabrera & Nevada Hill, art by Evita Cortez, Alex Mitchell, Joshua Vance more (1119 N. Bishop Ave. in Dallas): Show is at 9 pm.

Dungen | No Joy (The Loft)

That's What's Hot with Rodrigo Diaz/Oleg B (The Cavern)

Epic Ruins/Eyes, Wings, And Many Other Things/Future People (Lola's)

Dallas Aids Arm Dance Party with Keith P/DJ G/Wanz Dover (Fallout)


Missile | George Quartz | Cuckoo Byrds (Prophet Bar)

Phobia/Wormrot/PLF/Akkolyte/Scavenger/Life Erased (Phoenix Project)

Rusko (Lizard Lounge)

Pack of Wolves | Maleveller | Four Days to Burn (Nightmare)

Shonen Knife | Lovie | Romp Almighty (Loft)

Tarik Thornton/Roger Hinkle (Sons Of Hermann Hall)


Pixies | Fuck Buttons (Verizon)

Martin Iles Presents "Three On Sunday" (Dan's Silverleaf)

Featuring: Moments in Love: A diamond life clip art fantasy adventure.

Relax and enjoy this world of porcelain kittens and gold chain obstacles with a booty bass elevator soundtrack.

Sound??: Featuring Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage.

Although Kirk and Cage never actually meet in this film, these two very different musical iconoclasts share a similar vision of the boundless possibilities of music. Kirk plays three saxes at once, switches to flute, incorporates tapes of birds played backwards... Cage, on the other hand, is preparing a work for musical bicycle with David Tudor and Merce Cunningham at the Seville Theatre in London... -- Martin Williams, JAZZ TIMES

Dutch Treats - Rare Treats: Ultra rare collection of 60's and 70's Dutch Beat Music.
Includes - Les Baroques, Le Zipps, The Dukes, Q'65, The Outsides, Wally Tax, The Ro-d-y's, The Motions, Cuby and the Blizzards, The Shoes, The Golden Earrings, Shocking Blue, Mouth and MacNeil, and more!

Sleepy Sun | True Widow | Sundress (Loft)


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