Thursday, October 14, 2010

It List: Thursday

Pack of Wolves/Baring Teeth (The Nightmare): Austin's Pack of Wolves prove that thrash/black metal can sometimes be about as intimidating as a breakfast taco. And is there anything worse on the entire internet than a "professional" myspace page?

Manned Missiles/Spooky Folk/Babar/Peopleodian (Rubber Gloves): I refuse to search for a band called "Babar," sorry. And although I've heard them before, I hadn't realized until today that Spooky Folk sounds like Barenaked Ladies covering Jeff Buckley songs. Is this what "kids" listen to now?

Jessie Williams/Todi Stronghands/Adam and the Ancient Gods/37 Cents (Hot Box Pizza)

The Toadies/Shiny Around the Edges/Here Holy Spain (Rockin' Rodeo): Sheesh. I used to like the Toadies when I was 15 but doesn't Razor Bladez or whatever his name is wear dragon shirts and shit now? And why does the Idol Records' logo make it look like a label that was started by Master P's broke ass cousin or some shit?

Tech N9ne/E40 (Ridglea Theater): This is without a doubt what I would do tonight if I were still around.


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