Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Shot Jr is Dead

Here's the new schedule for the show, and we hope to see you guys on Saturday at Rubber Gloves for our last day on earth:

Geistheistler 6:00pm (stage)
Cuckoo Byrds 6:30 (floor)
Fungi Girls 7:30(f)
Lychgate 8:00(s)
Eat Avery's Bones 8:35 (f)
Dharma 9:00(s)
White Drugs 9:35(f)
Cygnus 10:05(s)
Orange Coax 10:40(f)
Early Lines 11:10 (s)
Vulgar Fashion 12:05 (f)
One Baptist General 12:30 (s)

with DJG and Ben White spinning records


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