Thursday, February 16, 2006

It List Thursday 2/16/06

Yes, we've been kinda busy lately and haven't had time to post too much the past few days. We're getting on that though, trust us, and we'll have some pretty big news for you in the next couple of days most likely (top secret!). By the way, if you're into listening to shitty music at crappy bars, Dallas is the place to be tonight! Just check out the Observer online listings for tonight if you don't believe us. For those that want to take a break from all lametastic fun, here is some stuff you might want to try:

1. Dj G @ Haileys (denton): They really need to stop calling this an 80's night. Yes, some music from the decade is played, including a few of the hits that you would expect from an 80's night, but every time we've seen this guy he's played something much better: a mix of old school acid house, afrobeat, Italo disco, and obscure new wave, not to mention the occasional cool Depeche Mode song. 18 and ups

2. Mile End with Dj Laureen (Fallout): new wave, brit pop, shoegaze... mostly just a mix of good music for hip kids.

* And by the way, Rhett from the Happy Bullets will be Djing on Meat Radio tonight, 102.5 FM from 8-10. We will be doing a piece on it later, but for now you should know that you can really only hear it in the Lakewood/downtown/ lower Greenville area.

And there is also a decent garage rock band called Tiger!Tiger! playing the opening slot at Double Wide tonight, but we strongly suggest that you go early and leave early, allowing you to stay as far away as possible from the other two bands: Swedish Teens and Lust. Truly annoying pop punk meets cock rock. Maybe this is why you can never be sure about a Doublewide show.


Anonymous Carlin said...

I love Tiger! Tiger! For sure, go catch them, if you can. They're the openers, so probably around 10pm. The drummer, Mario (aka Vito) came through, last year, when he was with The Booze. Check out his solo stuff here: Cheers!

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben Fleming from Blackheart Society is playing acoustic tonight at the Standard and Pour Coffee house... Oop wait he is going on right now...

Tiger Tiger / Sounds like a Duran Duran song to me...

Anyways if you have nothing else to do tonight .. You can always insert finger in bum... :)

I am drinking beer and watching Red do his thang...

And tommorow night I rip it up at UP!!


8:49 PM  

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