Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tonight's It List and Google Image Search: Austin Bites

Not sure what this picture has to do with anything, but it is what it is. We're also going to have more posts today with good stuff like Mp3s and our usual brand of brilliant writing. This time we actually promise to, you know, post too.

The List, probably the longest Wednesday edition we've had so far:

1. Starlight Mints/Ryan Lindsey/El Paso Hot Buttons (Hailey's Denton): Do you ever get the impression that Fiery Furnaces and Architecture in Helsinki are just trying to do what the Starlight Mints started doing five years ago but can't quite pull it off? Although there is certainly some room to disagree on this point, we really just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much we hate Fiery Furnaces, as well as to point out that the Mints have been doing the schizo psyche pop thing for a long time and probably do it better than anyone. Anyway they're a great live band, and I'm sure they'll be playing some new stuff that will most likely be the shit.

2. The Party with DJ Nature (rubber gloves Denton): You'll probably want to start going to The Party now so that when it blows up in the next month or two you can tell everyone how old school you are. I'm sure you can stop by after the Mints show.

3. Sisters of Mercy and the Warlocks (Gypsy Tea Room): This show costs 25 bucks, so you really have to be a fan. We are, and we're sure many of you are, so it might be worth checking out. And the Warlocks are bad ass despite what Pitchfork tells you.

4. Japanther (Cavern): Good noise post-hardcore band that played in Denton last night is coming to Dallas tonight after an early show in Ft. Worth. You should really take a chance and see something a little different from the Valentines every once and a while. Maybe this will be that show.


Blogger JS said...

That is the scariest fucking picture I have ever seen... Yes! In my opinion, Starlight Mints are a really amazing live band, I saw them open for The Flaming Lips and I was surprised I had never heard of them before. Good stuff. Been meaning to see El Paso Hot Button, looks like an interesting one man band.

Glad to see you like the Warlocks. Shake, shake, shake the dope out...

5:37 PM  
Blogger ponderous95 said...

DJ Nature is a good man. Here's an profile I wrote on him for the UNT newspaper... if you guys or anyone who wants to know a bit more about him is interested...

3:48 AM  

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