Friday, February 10, 2006

Wall of Sound Tickets on Sale Today

So call us Mr. Butterfingers or whatever because we just recently learned about the massive Wall of Sound event taking place in Fort Worth on Saturday April 8th and Sunday April 9th. Some of the highlights include Low, Starlight Mints, Okkervil River and the Black Angels, as well as pretty much every good local band you can think of. The festival certainly will be one of the biggest musical events in DFWD this year, so you should probably be seen there. Tickets go on sale today in like an hour.

Wall of Sound Festival website


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've actually noticed lately that the Spune Prod. shows tend to feature a couple of cool local bands followed by all of the same shitty ones they have been asking to play their shows for the past 3 years (deathray davies (who i USED to like a lot), BLACK TIE DYNASTY... what shit).

anyway, i have a frustration w/ them.

not b/c they aren't doing a decent job, but b/c they could be doing a better job of exposing dallas/ft worth/denton as an area w/ TALLENTED and ORIGIONAL bands.

as it is, i think that having drd, btd, hourly radio (who don't suck... but they are pretty trite) etc etc makes dallas look like a town full of bands that just ride on the coat-tails of whatever has worked recently (you must copy The Killers, Interpol, or some other 80s revival type of band to get billing it would seem).

i applaud the out of town bands that they bring to dallas, but i dunno about them doing much (anymore) in terms of showing these out of town bands that dallas has cool bands.

i feel like maybe their success has made them much less likely to do any risk taking w/ their booking... which seems to be how they got where they are.

of course i'm glad they got the Undeniable Artists on the bill, and i'm sure their could be a few more that i enjoy.... but i'm a fan of envelope pushing, and they are just stuffing the envelope w/ items that are all safe for shipping.

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