Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It List: Tuesday 3/28/06

So who is this Wanz Dover, the winner of the J.R. Award for Best Local DJ and the frontman of Mazinga Phaser II, winner of Best Experimental Group? Well, thats a picture of him on the left. And, if you want to hear him in action, you can head to the Cavern upstairs tonight for the Lost Generation, where all kinds of good shit will be played. Tonight Wanz will be doing a special tribute to the recently deceased Nikki Sudden, former member of the all important post punk band Swell Maps. For the kids out there- Swell Maps were a big influence on Pavement and countless other bands, but are also really fun to listen to on their own. I'm sure Wanz will also be playing some of his normal stuff there, which includes Kraut, shoegaze, indie, and everything else under the cooler-than-you sun.


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