Monday, March 27, 2006

Readers Poll Best Band: Undoing of David Wright

We didn't get as many people to vote in this poll as we wanted, but based on some email requests we received from a couple of people, we decided to tally up the votes anyway. Undoing of David Wright won best band, followed closely by Record Hop and Theater Fire. Can't say that we're too shocked by this result, even though Undoing wasn't one of the bands that voted for themselves a bunch of times in a row. We've decided to post these results, and then take another vote at the end of they year to see if anything has changed. By then, we should have a form or something to make the whole thing easier. Thanks to the people that voted.

We'll give you the rest of the results tomorrow.


Blogger creatorlars said...

Totally didn't expect that, but thanks everyone!

New Century Art, a Denton zine that is featuring a web article on one D/FW band/month is almost finished with a feature on us. Should be up some time this week. 15 pages worth of intervews, photos, bullshit, etc. I'll post the link soon.


Lars & Co.
The Undoing of David Wright

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, no wonder Hillburn's been conspicuously absent lately

4:12 PM  

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