Sunday, April 02, 2006

It List: Sunday 4/2/06

Looks like theres gonna be a Vice Records Party tonight for the release of the second CD in the Run the Road series, a compilation of the latest in UK grime (haven't heard it, but the first CD was fantastic). Its at the Home Bar (which I've never been to) near the corner of Greenville and Dyer St. DJ Nature will doing a set there along with several others that will focus mostly on grime, dancehall, dubstep, Bmore club and reggae. Its a Vice thing, so be on the look out for people that LOOK way cooler than they actually are. Should be a good time.


Anonymous eddddd said...

The first Run The Road record was pretty damn good. I'm interested to see what this second one is like..

8:00 PM  
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