Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It List: Tuesday 4/11/06

Just to let you know: we've got some new stuff coming later tonight, including our take on the closing of DoubleWide, which several people have sent emails asking about today.... and you know you wanna know what we think. Here is fun:

1. The Lost Generation with Wanz upstairs at the Cavern. You know the drill, but in case you don't, here is a list of what you'll hear tonight from the mouth of the beast himself:

"Tonights will feature tracks from The Pogues, TSOL, Sun Ra, T Rex, Robert Wyatt, Deltron 3030, Antipop vs Matthew Shipp, Celebration, Charles Mingus, Battles(Live), Trax off of The Downtown 81 soundtrack, Ghost, Lady Sovereign, Jean-Claude Vannier, m.i.a., Michael Mayer, Paul Anka, Human League('79), This Heat, Television, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Silk Stocking, The Dwarves, The Get Hustle, POLYSICS, Sons & Daughters, Metal Boys, Pussy Galore, Buck 65, Gogol Bordello, Gang of Four, Magazine, Guru Guru, Curtis Mayfield, the White Noise, The Flaming Lips, Serena Maneesh, The Liars, MF Doom, We Are Wolves, The Stooges,Miss Kitten, Ellen Allien, The Boredoms, Rod Lee(Baltimore club music), The Cramps, "New" Nick Cave, Nouvelle Vague, The Slits, Beat Happening, The Feelies, The Invincinle Czars, hOlly Golightly, Gal Costa, The Monks,a few ace trax off of the new Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey DJ disc "The Trip" and much much more...........I am also gonna do small block of Scratch Acid related bands in order of the anouncement of their reunion show at the Touch and Go 25th anniversary show in september. That means Rapeman, ,Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Big Black and Denison Kimball Trio. Get ready to get your Drink on. Seeya there. Cheers!!!!"

Got it? Good. Also:

Two Gallants, Cold War Kids, and Cartright will be playing at Rubber Gloves tonight. We've seen Cartright before and the guy puts on a great live show. And although Cold War Kids are kind of dorky, we can't help but like their catchy songs... thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear for that one. And yes, we really do HATE everything on Saddle Creek other than the Faint, including Two Gallants. They sound like emo for people that are into Rev. Horton Heat or something. Du-umb.


Anonymous eddie boy said...

Fuck a lot of the faint.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think they sound that bad. I think I may go to this. THEN I can judge. I've been wanting to see Cartwright for a while now. Am also slightly curious about the other band.

6:04 PM  
Blogger jamo said...

there is this really fucking awesome spanish electronic group coming to rgrs on thursday, EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO THIS:

"In 1978, El Aviador Dro landed its spacecraft in a vinyard outside of Madrid, Spain. Over the next twenty-five-plus years Aviador Dro churned out some of the most inovative electronic rock the world has ever heard, touching on everything from Electro to Punk to Industrial to New Wave to Rave and even a bit of Hip Hop for good measure. Their albums are bona fide classics of the genre, on par with those of DEVO, KRAFTWERK, SUICIDE, and FRONT 242. Of course, because Aviador Dro sang exclusively in Spanish, few humans outside Spain and Latin America took notice.

Fortunately for all of us in the English-speaking world, the American independent electropunk label Omega Point Records is soon to release a career retrospective compilation for the US and Canadian masses (with some unreleased tracks for the already converted). The release will be supported by Aviador Dro's first major tour of the USA sometime in 2006.

Un saludo electrico!"

anyone that enjoys electronic music at all should go to this, they really deserve the support.

7:12 PM  
Blogger jamo said...

ps. a friend gave me a copy of one of their early albums about a year ago, and it instantly became one of my favorites ever... I still listen to it on a regular basis, these guys have done stuff that most modern electronic acts could only dream of.

7:19 PM  
Blogger glen said...

sorry, i don't speak mexican.

7:31 PM  
Blogger creatorlars said...

If you're not going to the Darkside to see us and Femme Fatality on Thursday, pleease go see El Aviador Dro.

I'm really afraid that that show is going to be completely overlooked, like all the fuckin' rad acts that used to get booked at Mable Peabody's, that nobody ever saw.

We're playing with El Aviador Dro on Friday in Austin at the Flamingo Cantina.

Lars & Co.
The Undoing of David Wright

10:56 AM  
Anonymous idi*the*elder said...

Wow J ... I really thought you hated all music not made by contemporaries ... cool.

Pumped about the Scratch Acid! How could they NOT do an Austin show as well?? C'monnnn ....

Edddd .... how is 6 o clock on Sat @ Paul's on Hickory? .... uh, before yr show I guess

11:32 AM  
Blogger jamo said...

HAH!!! where did you get that idea?

1:02 PM  
Anonymous edward james priesner said...

Let me look into when we're heading out and whatnot..

I'll myspace ya.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous iDDDD said...

Response to jamo:

I dunno. You definitely have more selective tastes than me, and I don't like everything. That's why I'm flattered you like our band! Now send a drummer our way please

6:43 PM  
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