Friday, May 26, 2006

It List: Friday 5/26/06

A few things to do tonight:

1. The Theater Fire CD release party will be going on at Metrognome tonight.

2. Pretty Girls Make Graves really suck. We shouldn't have to tell you that. But, reputable sources tell us that Derek Fudesco, their bass player or something, spins a pretty good DJ set. We might not gamble on it otherwise, but he will be spinning with DJ G at the Cavern tonight after the Gypsy Tea Room show, with G going on at 10 and keeping the party going all night. Our guess is that Fudesco will be going on around 1. Its five bucks (or free with the Pretty Girls ticket) and should be the best thing going in Big D after what will hopefully be a big win for the Mavericks. Its a must win anyway.

Oh, and a band we really like, the Joggers (they sould a bit like the Fall), will be opeing for PGMG at Gypsy tonight, along with Giant Drag (who are sort of ok), who is also playing at Good Records in like 10 minutes.

Sorry for the crappy list, but we're having Blogger problems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Fort has now been properly rocked.

3:18 AM  

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