Thursday, May 18, 2006

It List: Thursday 5/18/06

1. Black Angels/Transient Theory/Bo Jones (Darkside Lounge): Black Angels are of course a WSJR favorite. However, some people complain that a lot of their songs sound alike. We sort of agree in a sense, even though we really like the songs, or the song so to speak. Anyway, a lot of the newer material we have heard from them sounds a lot different than the stuff on their self titled EP, and it seems that they are branching out with strange, interesting rhythms and moves towards more traditional pyschedelic on some tracks, while moving away from it all together on others. Go see what you think of the new stuff if you have doubts. Transient Theory. Never heard them before today. They are positively awful. Go to their Myspace page if you enjoy pretending to be on the set of a commercial for teenage girl deodorant. Houston's Bo Jones is a little better, but not much. Go late.

2. Z00 (Upstairs at the Cavern): Thank god there is something to do in Dallas on Thursday nights again. Zoo has been attracting larger crowds almost every week with its nice mix of dance videos, rock videos and strange videos. Really, you hear great music, see strange images, and might just run into someone as cool as you. Imagine that. Anyway, check it out this week and see what everyone is talking about. As a side note, the Zoo folks plan on showing some local band footage every week (starting some time in the near future), spotlighting one local group each week. We'll give you more details when we get them, but our understanding is that they will take music videos, live footage, and just about anything else to showcase good music going on in the area (even though pickins be slim these days.) We'll give you the contact info as soon as we have it.

3. Of course, DJ G will keep the party goin' at Hailey's with the best 80's dance you never heard.