Thursday, August 30, 2007

It List: Thursday 8/30/07

Those Peabodys/White Drugs/Unwed Sailor/El Paso Hot Button (Rubber Gloves): Unwed Sailor has changed so much over the years, there's no telling what kind of set they'll play tonight. Be prepared for "atmospherics" and a band that insists on using the same guy who did Talk Talk's cover art for their most recent albums. That might give you a better idea of where this group is coming from. Those Peabodys play 70's rock and that's like, so 2002.

Lost Generation With Wanz and Ineka (Fallout Lounge): Special guest tonight is my pick for best local DJ, Select.

Slayer /Marilyn Manson/Bleeding Through (Nokia): Slayer has remained an impressive live band for decades but Marilyn Manson's time of influence in our great nation has sadly passed. Look for people who refuse to believe that at the Lizard Lounge after-party.

Just Another Consumer/Yells At Eels/Life Death Continuum/ (Red Blood Club): This show is the debut for Aaron Gonzalez' new psych-punk band, Life Death Continuum with the singer from Man Is Mostly Water. My pick for best local drummer, Stefan Gonzalez, plays drums and sings in Just Another Consumer. Both brothers play in the free-jazz group, Yells At Eels, with their father, making this show completely worth it. I heard the brothers' most celebrated project, Akkolyte is playing somewhere else soon.