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White Williams/Rings/Sticky Buns /Cry Blood Apache (Hailey's): So if you're into this sort of stuff, you've probably heard about the horrible image that is the cover of White Williams' debut full length Smoke. But when you get past that, you'll find an interesting and highly catchy album of electro pop influenced by just about every kind of sound under the sun: funk, soul, hip hop and house are all present, and Williams sort of ends up reminding listeners of a REALLY poppy version of Dan Deacon, whom he toured with last year. You can also hear a lot of psyche rock influences in there too, particularly in the vocal tracks, which adds another element of interest. And no, despite my description, dude sounds nothing like Of Montreal. Throw in the excellent Cry Blood Apache and the loveably silly Sticky Buns set, and you've got a good Friday night.

Super Furry Animals/Fiery Furnaces/Holy Fuck (Granada): Disclaimer: I haven't listened to either of the last two Super Furry Animals records, so I can't speak very intelligently about those. But I have seen them live twice, and even though they were blown of the stage by openers Caribou the last time I saw them, if you're into SFA and haven't seen them live, you absolutely will not be disappointed. It's pretty good stuff. And Fiery Furnaces seem to be a hot debate topic around WSJR HQ and pretty much everywhere else I roll, emerging as one of the major "love em or hate em" bands of this little era of indie rock. Their status as imaginative songwriters is undeniable, and I've certainly heard several FF tracks that I've enjoyed quite a bit in my life, but on the whole, their music often comes off as overly cutesy, stylized and forced. I'm sure someone will have something to say about that. And I've heard Holy Fuck catch a lot of shit from a lot of people for being a watered down something or other, but I generally hear pretty good things in their music (Kraut influences being one that many seem to have forgotten). Fans of Muscles and Ratatat will dig this stuff most likely.

Nicky Click/Rival Gang/Dark Town Strutters/samizdat (Rubber Gloves): First, local notes: this will be Ashley Cromeens last apperance with Rival Gang (boo!), and Dark Town Strutters, a new band featuring members of Faux Fox, will be making their debut tonight. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of info on what they sound like. Nicky Click was described in the Observer as a one woman feminist electropop band or something like that, which makes her sound really shitty. But the reality is somewhat better than that: true, some of her stuff is goofy, but the beats are certainly solid, drawing from early hip hop and rigid industrial dance, and the overall presentation is much less political than you might think at first glance. Or less overtly political at least. Not bad at times.

Healers/Naw Dude/Akkolyte/Trifle Tower (1919 Hemphill): Sweet hard/grind core show that includes Naw Dude, who happen to have one of the best band names in the State of Texas right now.


ART SHOW: Kristin Lucas with performance by Mom (And/Or Gallery): Mom will be taking the stage at 830 to perform at an Art/Show that sounds quite interesting. And I don't say that about Dallas art shows very often. Read about it at the And/Or Gallery website, which includes a link to an Art Forum review. Show reception lasts from 6-9, and all the cool people will be there.

Band of Horses/Cass McCombs/Tyler Ramsey (Palladium): This show is sold out, but if you already have tickets you'll want to show up early for the wonderful Cass McCombs, who is my major motivation for wanting to go to this show in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Band of Horses are bad or anything, and I know for a fact that they won't be nearly as boring as Iron and Wine was a few weeks ago, but just go early. As one person who comments on here all the time says: "Just sayin'."

Rival Gang/Mistress (Strawberry Fields): Another great free show at Strawberry Fields with Rival Gang making their second appearance of the weekend, this time with Mistress, a harsh noise project featuring Shane English and Andrew Michael, two of the more consistent artists currently playing in and around Denton.

The Tah Dahs/Blackheart Society/Record Hop/Bridges and Blinking Lights/Laura Palmer/Holy Diver/Street Hassle/The Grass Fight/Robert Jones (Space Studio): A line up of, uh, mixed quality. Record Hop is the absolute standout here, although Street Hassle has a few pretty good tracks as well. Some art will also be on display, and refreshments will be provided. Gets started at 3pm.

Drink to Victory/Lil Tedly/Jen Seman (J&Js): Paperstain show starts at 9pm and will apparently be the loudest show the basement has seen in a while. Members of Lil Tedly will be joining Jen Seman's solo performance.
Screaming Red/MC Router/Sticky Buns/Kitty Violet (Boiler Room- Vagina Monologues Benefit)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i should make made out with the router comment.. but i'm not.. your welcome dl

5:28 PM  
Anonymous edward said...

glad to see you guys giving mention to those art shows that explore digital video and sound as an art medium.

You'll definatly see more of those kinda shows here at AVENUE ARTS VENUE .

5:43 PM  
Anonymous so what you\'re telling me.... said...

is that there's not dick going on this weekend.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous so what you\'re telling me.... said...

is that there's not dick going on this weekend.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous SLOPPYWORLD said...


6:02 PM  
Anonymous clint said...

are these posts being archived or do they just disappear after they get pushed off the main page?

6:13 PM  
Anonymous the hnic said...

yes, they are being archived and we will have a search and archive function soon.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Looking forward to the sloppy world show

6:25 PM  
Anonymous clint said...

cool, thanks!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

laura palmer is the absolute worst

12:15 AM  
Anonymous JF said...

Laura Palmer is a visionary artist on the level of Picasso. Most folks hated The Velvet Underground until years later. Time will prove me right, Just wait...

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saturday - Red Monroe at the Palladium Loft - 11 p.m.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous streisand said...

the melodica would be perfect if burnt sienna, white drugs, and shiny around was playing. oh well thats my 2 bits.

Fuck we shot jr and denton rock city and this whole thing we call a scene in this piss poor town of dfw/denton.

I'm moving to south dakota... Everyone is doing it you fucking young ones...

2:04 AM  
Anonymous baby baby said...

i like boobs

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sloppyworld show looks great. It holds its own with the competition although I don't know anything about Plutonium Jukebox.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

laura palmer DOES suck. she can't even tune her guitar.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous streisand said...

sorry i was drunk last night..i meant north dakota.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom and Silk Stocking tonight. Yes.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

North Dakota already has a Burt Reynolds!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous t said...

plutonium jukebox has a rad web page.
looks like he's part of the deathmatch crew

12:58 PM  
Anonymous streisand said...

ha!!! well i'll be the monkey then.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Dakota? why

2:26 PM  
Anonymous streisand said...

It's a spiritual journey in geography wouldn't understand.

i want to examine my heritage, religion, language, and the land itself, and reveal the contradictions of small-town life on the Great Plains.

Oh i'm already doing that in denton

2:35 PM  
Anonymous ed said...

I don't play in Lil' Tedly any more. Joshua and I will be providing some viola/drums for Mrs. Seman. Woo an' shit.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You hateful people make me cringe. Laura Palmer sucks? Really? She's the absolute worst, you say? Well, she's one of my favorite performers and I think she's funny as shit! So where are we now?

I don't get you, 12:15am and 11:56am . You get on here with the sole purpose of trying to smear reputations? Why? It just baffles me. I think most of you haters are probably local "musicians" as well, trying to trash other, more talented artists' reputations so as to make yourselves look better. It's really ugly and sad, and we should ALL be ashamed for not sticking up for people like Laura, who has fucking feelings and who plays her guts out for all of you. Shame on all of us. I really can't believe how mean and cynical kids in our generation can be. It's almost enough to make me want to stop performing altogether. Almost.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Hank Kingsley said...

For real Gen X get a grip!

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate the vagina monologues

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Myles said...

if tuning a guitar is cool, consider me Jandek

6:57 PM  

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