Thursday, May 29, 2008

We Shot A Mix 2.0-- Tommy Boy

Last summer we started the "We Shot A Mix" series in which we asked several of our favorite local bands and DJs to throw together an exclusive mix for us to share with all of you.  We've decided to do that again this summer with a whole new crop of bands and Djs, and since we can't remember how many mixes we did last summer (and don't feel like looking it up), we're just going to start using 2. whatever to number this year's selections.  What you're looking at is We Shot A Mix 2.0.  

We're really glad that our first mix of the summer comes from Tommy Boy, one of our favorite new DJs in the area.  The guy is REALLY playing some fascinating, hard to find (and often old school) stuff that you'll be hard pressed to hear from anyone else around town, and this mix is another great example of what I'm talking about.  But instead of me going on and on about it, I'll just leave you with the track list, the download link, and the little message that Tommy sent us about his latest:

It's my pleasure to bring you an exclusive mix for the summer blog season. The track selection is a collection of favorites I haven't yet worked into previous mixes, so this is truly a first. My intention was to cover a variety of sounds while offering a unique perspective on dance music. I'm really getting sick and tired of the re-re-remixes and the new-new-new sound that is assaulting us from all fronts. I purposefully went back, way back... all originals, all old, all good.

Download it here

1. Intro - Patrick Mcgoohan - Scanners
2. Mann's Earth Band - Angels At My Gate
3. The Who - Eminence Front
4. Unknown Cases - Masimbabele
5. Vangelis - Salomes Dance
6. Division of Labour - Criminal Minds
7. Venus Gang - Love to Fly
8. G.A.N.G. - Incantations
9. Escape From NY - Slow Beat
10. Escape From NY - Fire In My Heart Dub
11. Pink Project - Instrumental Project
12. Esavu - Spelling Love (Instrumental)
13. Massimo Barsotti - Right or Wrong
14. Nile Rogers - It's All In Your Hands
15. Zebras - For Your Love (Jaz edit)
16. Vivien Lee - Alright
17. Z.A.C.K. - Mr. Satellite
18. Supermax - Spooky
19. Zazu - Captain Starlight
20. Ganymed - Hyperspace
21. Savage - A Love Again


Anonymous jp! said...

you guys have got to get Tommy to post a video mix, his clips are insane & fit with his music so well.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Keith P said...

Tommy Boy is kind of amazing. Just saying.

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love it.... we want more mixes. keep posting these please.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous stonedranger said...

Glad you like it... we'll have a ton more coming in the next few weeks.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:29 PM  
Anonymous princemoney said...

Duh its Huge!!!

Dont Sleep!!!! DOWNLOAD IT TWICE!!!!!!!!

1:56 PM  

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