Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Greatness: Brooke Berman

Image Courtesy of Hannah BermanBrooke Berman of the eponymous art gallery has been promoting emerging local visual artists for about a year and a half now. She sat down with WeShotJr in a hard-hitting interview for this week's installation of Greatness.

Richardson Heights: What's it like being an independent art dealer while the American economy goes up in flames?

Brooke Berman: Sales can only go up, right? I can only hope to break even. I’m content when the artists make money; it’s positive affirmation for them.

RH: If you could have run a gallery anywhere in time or locale, where and when would it be? And why!

BB: This is tough, I was initially thinking the 60’s or 70’s in NYC. I am glad I am doing what I’m doing in the here and now, even with this economy.

RH: What is a normal day of the business week like for you?

BB: I work at the gallery 3 days a week. I am always playing catch up. Accounting and emails, phone calls, etc. If it’s the two weeks prior to an opening, I’m striking the show and planning/prepping for the next. I also have a colony of cockroaches that make appearances from time to time, so you can also find me begging someone else to "handle" them for me.

RH: In your opinion, who are some of the most promising lesser-known artists in North Texas?

BB: Josh Fletcher, Josh Reames, Miryam Prodanovic, Lisa Nersesova, Dylan Reece, Brian McCalsky, Nancy Wallace Brown, Keith Larson, Travis Williams, and Alex Hamrick.

RH: What is the most recent person, thing, or event that made you laugh?

BB: This show on HBO called The Life and Times of Tim.

RH: What is your work environment like (desk, office, lighting, operating system preference)?

BB: I use Mac at home and at the office. My desk is from Ikea, I have two stacked crystal lamps and a very old Suzani hanging on the wall in front of me. It is peaceful and quiet and me.

RH: Can you describe your favorite art piece in your personal collection?

BB: My daughter Hannah, who is 3, makes drawings. She’s really into faces. She draws the circle (oval) then eyes, nose, mouth and squiggly lines she calls “nice curly hair”. Each drawing has such a personality, the little faces have names and they come alive.

Image courtesy of Hannah Berman. The Gallery will be hosting an opening of wood, steel, and found object sculpture works by Dallas artist Jeff Green this Saturday from 6 - 9 PM.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think i've ever read such a hard-hitting interview. so cool.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah. No offense these interviews could be better, but I am sure you guys are doing the best with what you're working with.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miryam Prodanovic's paintings are gorgeous.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 206

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's truly an amazing person You are so lucky to have her Dallas!!! And quite possibly her daughter too. That sketch is pretty charming

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yes. Brooke is wonderful.

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