Thursday, November 20, 2008

Art List

A slew of things going on this weekend- let me know if I missed anything. Hopefully you don't have a crappy job in the suburbs like I do, so you can make the artist's talk at CADD Art Lab tonight.


Art Social (CADD Art Lab) 5-8pm
Paul Slocum and Kevin Bewersdorf artisits talk at 7pm! With DJ Sober.


Artist talk with Brent Ozaeta (Public Trust) 4pm
Dallas artist Ozaeta's show Super Market is up right now at Public Trust.

Kenneth Holder: Then & Now and Small Works Show (Conduit)5-8pm
Two exhibits, featuring the work of Kenneth Holder and the Small Works Show featuring Carrie Marill and Mary Emma Hawthorne.

Pard Morrison: Ghost Call Love (Marty Walker)6-8pm
Colorful Judd influenced sculptures, with Dallas artist Douglas Leon Cartmel's paintings also on display.

David Aylsworth: Is it the real turtle soup? (Holly Johnson)5-8pm

Bill Owens: New Suburbia (PDNB) 5-8pm
This will also be a booksigning with the artist in attendance.


Vicious Pink (Centraltrak)
Featuring artists Ben Aqua, Dylan Reece, Vanessa VanAlstyne, Jesse Meraz, LeeAnn Harrington, Mary Benedicto, Gerg Kachikis, Bunnyphonic - Michelle Valdez, Margaret Meehan, Mark Babcock, Val X Curry, Chancellor Page, Greta Poulsen and Lanie Delay

Also, the Metrognome Collective is currently showing work of Andrew Kendall, Jackdaw Russell, and Daniel Bennett at the Chat Room.


Anonymous mofreak! said...

Saturday, November 22nd

BASE - a group installation show at Corinth Park Warehouse
Hosted by Sarah Jane Semrad

Corinth Park Warehouse is that place where they usually have disturbathon, near Corinth and Harwood, round the corner from Lee Harveys.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no thanks.

3:38 PM  

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