Thursday, April 09, 2009

Art List


Breaking The Sound Barrier (Haley-Henman) 7-9 pm
Featuring sound installations from Annie Davis, George Davis, Riyad El-Masri, Amalia Zelaya El-Masri, Jeff Hatch, KeLaine Kvale, Christopher R. Morgan, Rene Parnell, Morton Rachofsky, Marco Rubino, John Sadler, Silvia Thornton, and Cassandra Fink.


94 Faces of Gordon Carver and Presidential Portraits of current
and past by Ike E. Morgan (Webb Gallery)4-8pm
A show featuring two amazing self-taught artists: Gordon Carver recently passed away, leaving behind 94 framed drawings of hairy faces. Ike E. Morgan's work has been up at Webb before- his portrait of the Clinton Family is a personal favorite of mine.
This show will be up until June 28th, and Sarah Jaffe will be performing at the opening reception.


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