Thursday, April 09, 2009

It List: Thursday

Stereo Total/Leslie and the Lys/Sydney Confirm (Granada): Stereo Total sort of remind me of eating at a mall food court. They've been around a long time, so they're reliable, and they've got a lot of different stuff, much of which is good-- you know... pizza, Chinese food, burgers, stuff like that. You like all that stuff, so why not go somewhere where you can have your choice? Stereo Total is similar-- lots of credible influences, everything from 60's pop to Serge Gainsbourg to garage punk to synth pop and many other fashionable reference points, most of which you probably like. All of it is pretty good, but much like a mall food court, most of it is mildly satisfying most of the time, yet almost always far from great. It seems that a lot of Stereo Total's material from their decade plus existence has been decently enjoyable, yet never ground breaking or even all that exciting. Again, there is nothing wrong with what they do, but it seems that stylistic variety and cool points for exotic tastes take precedence over quality with this group, and much like Sabarro's or Panda Express, experiencing them might be a temporarily pleasant but strangely, almost inexplicably underwhelming venture.

80's Night with DJG 5th Year Anniversary (Hailey's): Tonight is the 5th Anniversary of DJG's 80's Night at Hailey's, and whatever your opinion of 80's dance music, DJs, or anything else regarding local music, you have to admit that maintaining a residency anywhere in north Texas for five consecutive years is quite a feat, especially considering how popular the night has been for most of its existence. I would get to this one early, as I'm sure it'll be completely packed, and G will be giving away multiple pairs of free tickets to see Morrissey as well, so keep your ears out for those announcements throughout the night. Apparently only the first 75 people or so in the door will be eligible for the ticket raffle, yet another reason to get there early. Look, 80's night can be kind of a meat market, and if you're not in the mood, it can be a major beating, but DJG has been doing things the right way all along, regardless of the crowds, and he should certainly be congratulated for that.

Sun Club (Rubber Gloves)

Nanda Devi/Zwounds/Demeanor/Sohns/Jubilee/Dead Friends (1919 Hemphill)

Top Notch Thursdays with Sober (Zubar)

Basement Hitter/Billy Billy/Freddy Schulze of Heartstring Stranglers/Spooky Folk/Manned Missiles/Hats and Statues/Daniel Folmer/RTB2 (J&Js Basement): Is this the first annual meeting of badly named local folk bands? Spooky Folk? Hats and Statues? What am I supposed to do with that shit? Actually, I heard quite a bit about Spooky Folk during NX35, where they got a high profile thumbs up from Chris Flemmons of the Baptist Generals, as well as this quote from one Dallas Observer music writer (I honestly can't remember which one):

"Without a doubt, Spooky Folk is one of the more remarkable acts playing around town."

Not sure what that says about the band, the newspaper or our "town," but all I can hear on their Myspace page is some solidly executed, paint by numbers "Indie Folk," complete with surrealist lyrics about nature, a quivering lead vocal and a general feeling of sadness that reminds me of, well, what the Baptist Generals were doing. A decade ago. Nothing wrong with it, but if this band is "remarkable," particularly in a town full of similar acts, we're in big trouble.


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