Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It List: Wednesday

I have to be very brief today, but we will have some more stuff for you tonight. Does the title of the album pictured here remind anyone else of a lost Boz Scaggs record or something? Bands are so weird.

Great Lake Swimmers/Matthew And The Arrogant Sea/Kate Maki (Hailey's): I was looking through our archives to see what we've said about Great Lake Swimmers, and actually found nothing, except that they were on the Good Records' Top 20 for about four consecutive weeks in 2006. Hope that tells you what you need to know.

Dead Kenny G's/Yells At Eels/DJ Pendergrassin' (Club Dada)

Shapes Stars Make/Buddha Fingers/David Sunshine (The Cavern)

The Life And Times/Trebuchet/Dead Twins (Rubber Gloves): Not to say anything about The Life And Times' music, but the bio on their page has provided excellent entertainment for me today. Will someone decipher the following gem?:

It's also [a record] that heavily scratches that rock itch, ahem, but doesn't drown you in Gee Whiz Factor bullshit.

Please, somebody, anybody, tell me what the fuck that means. I'm begging you. Oh, and the bafflement I felt reading the bio actually kind of sums up what I think about their music. A final word to bio writers everywhere: Never type simply "Floyd" without the "Pink."

ADD: Wanz Dover is tonight's "Get Fucked" guest, along with the usual lineup of Mikey Rodge, Killtron, and Whack-A-Tone (Fallout Lounge)


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