Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Shot J.R. Records Presents-- Daniel Francis Doyle

Sunday, May 3rd, 6PM @ Aboca's Italian Grill ( 100 S. Central Expwy. #63, Central and Belt Line, Richardson)

Daniel Francis Doyle
Yells at Eels
Orange Coax
Eat Avery's Bones

(Possibly one more act TBA)

So, we have kind of diverted from our original release schedule (something we promised ourselves would not happen), to do a full-length (something we promised ourselves we would not do) which is going to be a limited release of 500 copies (an amount we promised ourselves we would never agree to). Each record comes with a properly manufactured compact disc (non-CDR) of the album as well.

After hearing the demos for this record, Daniel Francis Doyle's We Bet Our Money on You, we were so taken by them that we decided to go ahead and help Doyle rush this out ahead of his current tour of the Northeastern U.S. The tour will end with a stop in North Texas, where we will be hosting a show celebrating the record's release on our own We Shot J.R. Records. The official release date is June 9th, at which point it will be made available at traditional brick-and-mortar record shops and Itunes, as well as through this very site. Doyle's record has already hit #1 on Austin's KVRX Chart, and we think KDGE will follow suit quite soon.

Anyway, the event will be held at a very special venue, Aboca's in Richardson, which we have mentioned holds a DIY show every now and then. There will be refreshments, including pizza by the slice, and we hope you can make it out.


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