Friday, April 24, 2009


By SR and DL.


Acid Mother's Temple/Sonic Suicide Squad (Hailey's): Japanese Psyche group Acid Mother's Temple combines a wide array of influences, everything from ambient to prog to free jazz to metal to psychedelic pop to guitar god Hendrix/Zeppelin type stuff, releasing material at a very prolific rate over the years and touring quite regularly. I've still not ever had the chance to see this band live, and since their shows are somewhat legendary, this has always made me a little sad. I might change that tonight, as band leader Makoto Kawabata and the Melting Paraiso UFO, my favorite incarnation of the band, come to town yet again.

Man Man/Boom Boom Box/Giggle Party (the Lounge): Man Man is quite well known for their eventful, highly energetic live performances, and I have to say I agree, as I've seen them twice and enjoyed it a great deal each time, even though, to be quite honest, I've never had any desire to listen to any of their records more than once in the privacy of my own home.   I don't know what it is, exactly, but their trash can, Waits/Beefheart influenced Gypsy rock just isn't something I usually seek out on record.  I might be in a smaller minority than I once was, however, as their 2008 release Rabbit Habits actually hit the Billboard Charts, which is probably why this show is very close to selling out, and certainly will before the night is through. I'd get there pretty early if you intend to catch this.

Lite Brite/Heartstring Stranglers/George Neal (Muscle Beach)

New Thrill Parade/Abiku/Christian Teenage Runaways/Zwounds (1919 Hemphill): New Thrill Parade has a dark GSL Records type of sound, a solid group with very imaginative playing on the backing tracks: busy bass-lines, spider-leg guitar parts, and prodding, deliberate rhythms. The most forefront part of their sound, however, is definitely the Birthday Party-descendant, theatrical style of the vocals. The dramatic, humorous style of their music was further and articulately explained by the band in an interview conducted with the Notes Unearthed (link: site:

The humor element in our music comes very naturally to us, as the bands interactions with one another are almost solely humor-based. However, our tone and ideas are serious ones. The humor, we hope, helps some listeners swallow our bitter pill jams with greater ease.

The dramatic aspect was and still is at the forefront of our ideas for the band. There are many reasons for this, but among them is a distaste for traditional notions of masculinity as represented in all realms of entertainment. There is nothing more stale and boring than an otherwise decent, interesting band fronted by some Chad howling and whining about his ex-girlfriend. Our penchant for "drama" lets us skirt, so to speak, that type of banality while wallowing in our own homemade, comfortable brand of banality.

Well put. This should fit in perfectly with the Keytar chaos of Abiku, and the recently (not to mention surprisingly) reformed C!TR. For those of you that might not be familiar with Christian! Teenage Runaway, they are the punk group that existed long before Stereogum said it was okay for the Dallas music establishment to notice little Denton bands.

Book of Belial/Cleric/Lychgate/Ascites (Bike House): Solid noise show tonight kicks off at 730 PM. Great to see the Bike House putting on such a risky and powerful show. Even if you "don't like noise," check out Lychgate. Parties at this house are always a pretty good time.

The Party (Zubar)

Social with Females (The Cavern, upstairs)

Nervous Curtains/Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (City Tavern): Florene is also on the bill.  


Dust Congress/Tre Orsi/The Make Believers/Drink to Victory (Fra House): This is the official release show for the new Dust Congress release, a one-sided, 12" vinyl record, entitled "Regurgitate Sunshine State." The record had some delays, as they often do, and it's safe to say that a diverse group of local music enthusiasts have been looking forward to it for some time. I hate local music and I'm still looking forward to it. A who's who list of openers will make sure that show will be unbelievably packed.

Hannahmontanatron/Kashioboy/Fizzy Dino Pop/Yeahdef (Hailey's): DJ Yeahdef has put together this all local chiptune line up featuring some of the more regularly discussed names of the genre, including the excellent Fizzy Dino Pop, who we first wrote about over a year ago after we received a few solid tracks via email. As most realize, this genre has been increasing in underground prevalence over the past few years, and was shot straight to the top of many hearts and minds last year with the release of Crystal Castles' debut (Hey did u guyz no they canceled a show last week chek observ r for the deatz!), a record that sort of took a lot of elements of chiptune and welded them with some more standard, pop friendly dance beats and turned the entire concept into a relative commercial smash. Many in the scene will deny that Crystal Castles is even a chiptune group at all, and they really aren't, at least in the most pure sense of the term, but their connection with the sounds and aesthetic of the scene are undeniable. Anyway, should be a quality, high energy show with accompanying visuals

The Horrors/The Kills (Granada): Hey look, it hasn't even been a decade and these band names already look stupid.

Stereo on Strike Label Launch with Blixaboy/Dubbel Dutch/Trademarx (Fallout Lounge): Wanz Dover will be officially launching his Stereo on Strike label, which is looking forward to releases from Blixaboy, Cygnus, and Jack with One Eye, among others. Trademarx is the half of Billingham's Defense System that didn't recently move.

Robert Gomez/Baptist Generals (Secret Location, Denton): See, even some of Denton's most popular bands are now being forced to play these so-called "Fake venue" house shows that many of their own fans seem to be so vocal about hating. Thanks a lot, Lehman Brothers.... JK, DIY 4eva!

Cattle Decapitation/Woe of Tyrants/Rose Funeral/Predominant Mortification (The Lounge)

Trifle Tower/Drink to Victory/Kaboom/Scoff/New Science Projects (J&Js)



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