Thursday, May 21, 2009

It List: Thursday

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The Thermals/Shaky Hands (the Loft): The other day I was driving around with a friend in her car listening to what sounded like pretty straight forward pop punk influenced indie rock, but after inquiring about what we were listening to, I found out that it was the latest Thermals record. I found this disappointing for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I so thoroughly enjoyed the band's 2003 debut More Parts Per Million, which was probably the first pop punk album I was really able to get behind since the mid 90's. Not that this kind of music needs to be particularly cerebral or even all that original to be enjoyable, but upon listening a little more to the group's two most recent records, it seemed that some of the amateurish fun of their initial material has vanished, and although you could do a lot worse than the Thermals when it comes to this kind of music, it's just a tad disheartening to hear a great band that seems to be running in place without a lot of new ideas or compelling songwriting or recording choices, especially considering their rather silly first single from their most recent album. The Thermals are probably a slightly more important band than most people give them credit for being, but I just expected more out of this band's newer material, even six years after my initial introduction to them.

Pataphysics/Schwa/Fishboy (Rubber Gloves)

Ponytail/True Widow/Fight Bite (The Cavern): Ponytail are quite well known for their live shows, and they truly sit far above most of Baltimore's Wham City also-rans, seemingly digging a bit deeper into more adveturous territory than most of their peers while still managing to be a shitload of fun. True Widow is another group with a great reputation for live shows, but for obviously very different reasons, and they would probably have a pretty easy time packing the Cavern on their own. Translation: get there early if you want to get into this, because I'm guessing there will be a very healthy turnout.

Earthlings (1919 Hemphill): A animal rights documentary screening. A little info here.

Shogun Assassin Screening (Angelika, 8pm)

Refactory 1 feat. Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights/Dove Hunter/Airline (1800 Lear St.): This show takes place at the warehouse space where Disturbathon is normally held, and will also feature visual art and a fashion show, which will be helpful since Airline and Jonathan Tyler are two of the more boring local bands I can think of. I wonder what its like to be totally into them? Anyway, I believe this starts at 8 or 9pm, and we're co-sponsoring a really great party taking place there on Saturday... more info on that a little later.

Wild in the Streets (Amsterdam)

80's Night with DJG (Hailey's)


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