Thursday, May 28, 2009

It List: Thursday

Those of you who feel like taking a break from fighting over dance parties and stuff should take a look at this excellent article about the current state of our private health care system and what can be done about it. A lot of the article centers around the nation's most expensive city for health care, McAllen, TX. Go figure, right? Anyway, shows (and be sure to see our post about Big J's excellent new single with Flying Lotus here):

Top Notch Thursdays with Sober (The Cavern)

80's Night with DJ G (Hailey's)

Peter and the Wolf (Bee's Manor, 306 Texas St. Denton): Apparently a somewhat "secret" show we found out about just at the last second here. Not sure what time it starts but I'd guess 8 or 9 if you wanted to be safe.

Wild in the Streets (Amsterdam Bar): There is something very appealing about the idea of Wild in The Streets happening at the Amsterdam these days. Seems like the perfect setting.


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