Friday, May 29, 2009


Gah... there's a bunch of shit going on. Again.Thanks a lot, fun.   And almost everyone who works for this blog is M.I.A. at the moment, so let's see what I can do to impress you today (Check out show calendar for even more):


Cult Ritual/Wiccans/Big Blow/Four Days to Burn (Bike House):  Should be another rowdy ass show at Bike House tonight, with Florida's Cult Ritual bringing some skuzzy, ultra-violent hardcore that has helped the band start to really build a name for themselves amongst the DIY punk community.  Fans of groups like Sex Vid and Crass will certainly be into this.  Locals Wiccans are another highlight here, featuring members of Wax Museums and Orange Coax, among others.  Bike House is turning into one of the better places to see a show in the area, and I'm really glad its repin' my hood.  I'm pretty sure that shows at the Bike House usually start around 7 or 8 PM.

Percolator with A. One/Select/Prince William/Keith P/Jason Mundo (Zubar):  New monthly serves as a virtual who's who of some of the best DJs in Dallas, with A One and Select manning the front room and Keith P and Prince William in the back with guest Jason Mundo, a line up that has all the makings for a diverse night full of party anthems AND shit you probably haven't heard before.  I really can't imagine a better place to dance tonight.... or to try to get laid or do drugs or whatever it is you do.  JK drugz r 4 jerkz yall 4real

Bob Log III/Willem Maker/El Paso Hot Button (Club Dada):  A trio of one man bands with different sounds and very solid reputations.  

Venison Whirled/Xathax/Goat/Lychgate/Ashes/Casey Duncan (Wasted Words):  Another fantastic harsh noise show at Arlington's Wasted Words, a DIY venue that has been hosting some of the most challenging and quality acts you'll find anywhere in the area.  

Tame Tame and Quiet/Woozyhelmet/Record Hop (Sunshine Bar, Arlington):  This is a send off show for Tame Tame and Quiet's Pat Ferguson, who will be deployed to Afghanistan some time in the very near future.  If you're into Tame Tame at all, then I'd stop by and check them out because this will be your last chance to see them for a while at least.  Good luck to Pat, and we'll all hope for his safe return home.

Social with Females/Yeah Def (The Cavern)

The Silent Way/Zero Harmony/Smile Full of Ale (1919 Hemphill)


Pat Mahoney/Hercules and Love Affair DJ set (Lizard Lounge):  DFA's Hercules and Love Affair put out my favorite record of 2008-- sort of a love letter to obscure disco and early house, the full length just seemed to come out at exactly the right time while featuring exactly the right front person, Antony Hegarty, singing lead on some of the album's best tracks.  What was so impressive about the group's self titled debut was not just the great production values, songwriting and performances, but the obvious crate digging instincts and historical knowledge of the group's founder Andy Butler, and I imagine that his eclectic taste and ear for great tracks will shine through in his DJ sets, which I imagine, just like his records, will be heavy on disco and Chicago house, which will be a welcome change at the Lizard Lounge, a Dallas club known for hosting both the best and the worst of dance music.  Headliner Pat Mahoney is LCD Soundsystem's amazing live drummer, and although he might not get a lot of credit, he is the driving force behind the band's incredible live shows.  A rare and extremely exciting bill for house fans that I wouldn't recommend missing.  

Melissa's Deluxe Prom Party with PVC Street Gang/Keith P/Anthony Social/Blake Ward (the Cavern)

Vigilante Presents:  DJ Fishrpryce/Lionheart/jack Rabbit James/Dustin Cavazos/Ty City/8 Bit Cynics/Astronautalis (the Lounge)

Har Herrar/New Science Projects/Slow Burners (Chat Room)

Ghostcar/Jack with One Eye (Amsterdam)

Robert Gomez/Bosque Brown/John Brown/Matthew Gray (Lola' 6th)

Record Hop/Raised by Tigers/Jason Reimer/Criminal Shift (Hailey's):  Tame Tame and Quiet's Pat Ferguson is also a member of Raised by Tigers, so stop by and check them out too if you're a fan, because again, I don't suppose you'll get to see them for quite a while.  



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