Monday, June 29, 2009

It List: Monday

Before we get started, you should check out this developing story about a disturbing incident that occurred in Fort Worth over the weekend. Unbelievable.

Cool Out (The Cavern): We've been told that tonight will be an MJ tribute, with lesser heard material from the performer's early days and not the "usual three songs everyone's been hearing all weekend." Should be a good time.

Paul Slavens (Dan's Silverleaf)

The Extraordinaires/Tiger Shark Death Brigade/Kijoto/Touching Tongues (Rubber Gloves): Why didn't anyone tell me that Street Hassle changed their name? Possibly inspired by their own Myspace URL, they're now called Touching Tongues, though it sounds like they are no different sonically. Definitely some questionable names on the bill tonight period, especially in the case of Tiger Shark Death Brigade. The group has some pretty standard distorted punk riffs, but it's eventually largely improved upon by a very spirited vocal performance. Kijoto plays the kind of Deep Elm Records, super-serious, start/stop emo-rock you hear less and less of as the decade fades out. If you had told me back in 2000 that it was going to end like this, I would have never believed you.


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