Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It List: Wednesday

First of all, I wanted to pass along this email from one of our recent ticket contest winners concerning the risks you run when you win tickets to one show and accidentally show up for another show:

So this is kind of a strange story. I accidentally went to the Lounge on Elm, thinking that the Holy Fuck show was last night. I walked up to the bouncer and told him I was on the list, he looked at me like I was delusional and said the cover was $5, so I paid him and walked in. This band from DC was setting up at the time,they were called Deleted Scene and as I walked around I thought, where IS everybody? I finally walked toward the stage and this drunk chick approached me and mentioned how it's strange that we were the only ones there. I agreedand so she said, "Well that means we can get away with showing our tits, right?" I was a bit bewildered at the comment, but not as much as when she pulled down her dress and let her tits hang out showing them off to the band and smiling. She attempted to take my shirt off too, but I kindly pushed her hands away. The band was definitely shocked and humored as well, they had a hard time tuning their instruments with the topless girl dancing about. I just sort of stood behind her laughing at their reaction and at her, obviously. She finally left for a very long cigarrette and I stood there, an audience of one,and listened to their entire set. The band wasn't all that great, but I was grateful to have shared such an akward moment with them.

This is truly amazing to me. Now for some shows:

Balmorhea/Tiny Vipers/Sleep Whale (Hailey's): Driving through Balmorhea, TX last year on my way to Marfa kind of helped me contextualize exactly what this band is inspired by and what they're trying to do, and although this certainly made me appreciate the material a little more (there IS a time and a place for it), this Austin, TX group feels just a little stiff and uninspired at times, making for a pleasant but less than thrilling listening experience

Copwatch/Conspirator/Violent Messiah/Ippur (Bike House, Dallas): I promise that "pleasant" and "listening experience" will never be used to describe any of these groups. And in this case, it means this show will be great.

The Wooden Birds/Other Lives (House of Blues): Features Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set.

Left of the Dial with DJG (Rubber Gloves): Spinning goth, industrial, shoegaze, 70's and 80's alt.


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