Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Dark Castle/Four Days to Burn/Maleveller (Pastime Tavern): Dark Castle, a male/female duo, play a doom influenced, sludgy and slow brand of metal that seems to work way more often than not, even if it contains only a few surprises for those familiar with the genre-- its well crafted and exciting, though, and will likely be a blast to hear live. Four Days to Burn, meanwhile, are similar in influences and style, but seem to have a harder and slightly rawer edge to them that adds quite a bit to what they do. Pretty quality all around, and I couldn't think of a better venue for a scuzzy metal show like this. Oh and one more thing-- Dallas' Maleveller takes a more classic approach than either of these two acts, with nods to speed metal (although certainly not classifiable as such) and earlier European stuff for a sound that will be familiar to any casual metal fan, but will also appeal to a lot of you. Very solid local group that I'd recommend checking out if you haven't heard them before-- finally, a Dallas rock group with balls that actually doesn't sound like fucking grunge leftovers.

Left of the Dial with DJG (Rubber Gloves)

Get Fucked Wednesdays (Fallout Lounge)

ADD: Sound Clash with Royal Highnuss (dubstep, back room) Taxi Fare (dance hall, front room) (Zubar)

Sarah Jaffe (House of Dang): After the $22 coffee shop cover charge fiasco a couple weeks ago, Sarah Jaffe has decided to treat her Dallas fans to a free show this evening, starting at 8pm at the wonderful House of Dang. Again, I'm not saying that I think all shows need to be free because music is spiritual and spirituality can't be bought and sold or some shit like that, but this is certainly a bonus for her younger fans, and guess what? The coffee shop yuppies can come too!


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