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DJ Select
(Murray Street Coffee): Special "King Yellowman" set from 5-9.

Peter Murphy (Lakewood Theater): The Bauhaus Singles Collection (Volume 1) is undeniable; a nasty, solid slab of extremely dark and desperate punk rock. The rest of their catalog is a murky, gothy swamp after that. I think I should give it another chance, and I'm partly saying this so some of you aging geeks with upside down anchs hanging in your closet can point me in a better direction than I've been led in the past. As for Peter Murhphy as a live performer circa 2009, he apparently still has what it takes after all this time. And I hear he's a hell of a dancer.

Bad Sports/Uptown Bums/Brother Machine/Kampgrounds/the Teenage Bees/the Cunts/Younger Sons (2311 Houston Pl. Denton):  Solid house show tonight should attract a healthy turnout amongst Denton's DIY community, which is probably struggling a bit to find a new home base after the recent closings of a few beloved house venues that had become impressive centers of activity.  And we should all root for this community to grow and prosper, because after all, I could have stayed in Denton during SXSW this year and seen almost half the bands I really wanted to see in Austin.  At houses.  With no crowds.  For next to no money.  And props to the Teenage Bees for having a "Teenage Bees" theme song.  I love when bands do that.  

Meat Puppets/Retribution Gospel Choir (House of Blues):  This is like the third time the Meat Puppets have been through town in the past couple of years, but this visit seems to have gone unnoticed by a lot of people around town, perhaps because its just strange to think of the Meat Puppets playing at House of Blues.  Anyway, I probably don't have to say much about this band to most people reading this site, but the band's first three albums absolutely can't be denied, and to tell you the truth, I even used to dig their 1994 Alternative Nation smash single "Backwater" quite a bit, which is nothing compared to their earlier material.  And almost all of their early stuff still sounds so goddamn fresh too-- if Meat Puppets II had come out this year, Terminal Boredom and Todd P would building shrines for them as we speak.  

The Cocky Americans/PVC Street Gang/Eaton Lake Tonics (City Tavern)

Unholy Grave/N.I.B.I.R.U/Magrudergrind/Akkolyte (Alamo, 8335 Camp Bowie, Ft. Worth): This all ages/BYOB show looks great, but I'm going to spare you and let Japanese grindcore legends Unholy Grave explain themselves (via their Myspace page description):

UNHOLY GRAVE was formed by TAKAHO (ex:DEATHPEEDM,ex:NAUSEA) to play GRINDCORE in very early 1993.since then, we have over 50 releases in underground. played at tons of gigs/fests includes foreign tours.(USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,EUROPE,SOUTH-EAST-ASIA) besides UG, TAKAHO is organizing "GRINDFREAKS"gig (since 2001) & "GRINDBASTARDS"fest. (since 2007) and with chew/CORRUPTED, TAKAHO is running underground records shop "GRAVE" & DIY label "GRINDFREAKS"...after 15 years of grinding struggle, still our passion for the "GRINDCORE" is real.....

Math The Band/Fishboy/Giggle Party (Annex House)

Mothfight!/Red Faced Laughter/Florene (Bee's Manor located at 306 Texas St.)

Big J/Sober (Suite Basement located at 4515 Travis St.): Free with RSVP (4 guests with RSVP). Email full name to:


Telepathe/Lemonade/Fight Bite (Hailey's): Telepathe are a Brookln based group that has received about as much online buzz as a band possibly can.  A lot of times this means I'm going to hate them, but Telepathe is an exception to this rule, with an interesting array of influences ranging from contemporary R&B and top 40 hip hop to mid 80's Wax Trax and the darker side of 80's New Romantic pop.  At first you might perceive the group's lyrics and vocal delivery as being a bit weak, but a few more listens reveal the subtleties of their approach and open things up a little bit.  This kind of music is hardly a revolution these days, but if you're going to go see a band like this, you could do a whole hell of a lot worse.  

Ear Pwr/Alex Atchley and the Bad Times/Eat Avery's Bones (The Handsome Kitten): Eat Avery's Bones joins a growing list of local bands with killer full-lengths that will never see the light of day. That's a shame, but if you make it to this show, ask them for a CDR at the very least.... you won't be disappointed.... not to mention that all the members of the band are some of the chillest bros and babez you'll meet in the 'local scene.'  Also-- its funny when a band sounds exactly like you think they're going to, as is the case with Ear Pwr-- super poppy, relentlessly hyper synth pop/chiptune influenced craziness thats SO punk because its SO not.  You've heard this before, but if you liked it, you'll like this.  Also a good excuse to check out the new Dallas DIY spot Handsome Kitten.  

DJ OPS/Kashioboy/Pocket Change (Muscle Beach): Pre party that takes places before the Telepathe show at one of our favorite DIY spots, located at 907 Denton St. 


For Your Pleasure With DJ G (Hailey's)


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