Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art List

Benjamin Rogers of Metrognome Collective was nice enough to see down with us for some hard-hitting questions.

Richardson Heights: What is Metrognome Collective? What/how is your relation to Mission Co Op?

Benjamin Rogers: The Metrgonome Collective is an artist co op founded by Fort Worth artists and musicians such as Aaron Bartz (Tame, Tame & Quiet), Clint Niosi and photographer Paul Leicht (Managing Director for the Firehouse). James Watkins later incorporated the group under the name Mission Co-Op, and successfully applied for non-profit status. Mission Co-Op allows us to operate several different projects (including Metrognome, Firehouse, and One Hundred Second Dash), as DBAs while maintaining adherence to our mission statement. Metrognome is still a name for an artistic think tank comprised of an indefinite number of contributors who are willing to CARRY OUT their ideas.

I'm the Executive Director for Mission Co Op. Exec Direc is like the non-profit equivalent to a for-profit CEO or President. I've reluctantly resigned myself to dissecting corporate structure in detail to make this young non-profit work. It's a depressing study, but I'm hoping that a collective integrity (between staff, board members, sponsors, patrons etc...) will allow us do something good through our economic system. So far, so good, and fair enough.

RH: Can you describe your physical location (if any)?

BR: Well, right now I'm soaking up rays inside of the lurid fun-time dungeon known as the Chat Room Pub, but as for the collective 'your'... The Firehouse Gallery is our only physical location, and it's a quaint little building in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of Fort Worth (Eastside). Inside are two rooms, the Engine and Studio galleries, where we rotate one month exhibits every two weeks. We have received an incredibly generous donation of darkroom equipment which is being installed in a room adjacent to the Engine Gallery. Assembly of the darkroom is taking sweet sweet time, but I suppose that's to be expected. A merch shop serves as a place where we sell consignment goods from local and touring artists, including cd/cassette/vinyl, clothing, artisan crafts and fine art reproductions. The restroom is a spacious one-seater which features a rotation of art from our permanent collection.

RH: From your website, it looks like you've got some pretty unique events. The phrase "drink and draw" more or less sums up my artistic career. What do you guys have coming up?

BR: The exhibit I'm most excited about right now is scheduled for mid-September, and features an anonymous British photographer. The show utilizes legos, injustice and a confusing stab from humor to unmask recent brutalities. It's a neat one. Paul Leicht has been doing a stand-up job bringing great art to our walls. The performances for that evening are also cool.

The opening musical act on October 2nd will be Zeitmorder, a solo project by John Teague (drums for Great Tyrant). Nathan Brown's The Dead Media will be releasing a Zeitmorder 8-track at that show. Zeitmorder opens for Norway's Mural. James Talambas is ultra excellent at managing the music. Rad. More at !

RH: What is a day in the life of Ben Rogers of Fort Worth, Texas more or less like?

BR: I've started to answer this question a couple of times, but the answer is just so long, and ends up making me feel so self important. I...I...I...Me...I've this...I'll that. There is no typical day. I'm a really busy guy, and I like it that way. I guess this sums up the way I feel about some days, although most of them are incredibly fulfilling.

RH: Tell us anything else interesting.

BR: The last 10 years of Nepal's history are fairly interesting... Note recent progress regarding death penalty and LGBT communities under 'Govt and Politics'.

Also, anyone who's met me knows that I chain-smoke. If we can raise $5,000 for Mission Co-Op by the end of October, I'll quit. Donate HERE


Flight Patterns
Ryann Rathbone
Magnolia Theater
3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100, Dallas, Tx 75204
August 20 : 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

"Her current series focuses on the spiritual and mystical symbolism of birds and life." Possibly a little monotonous, but really pretty stuff.


Sally Taylor
The Filter Building at White Rock Lake
One night only!
August 21 : 6:00 PM - 9:00PM

It seems that Sally Taylor likes cattle, cowboys, and Texas. Really beautiful landscapes, too, if a little conventional overall.


Reflections of Our Past, Visions of Our Future
Too many artists to list.
Ice House Cultural Center
1004 West Page Street, Dallas, Tx 75208
August 22 : 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The Ice House Cultural Center's last show before moving to be the Oak Cliff Cultural Center in 2010.

George Fowler
Cameron Gallery
1414 Dragon Street, Dallas, Tx 75207
August 22 : 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

With a Little Help From My Friends
The Public Trust
One night only!
August 22 : 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

"The much-loved Art Prostitute will have a hardcover relaunch in November! To celebrate and support the occasion, The Public Trust/Art Prostitute guys are presenting a print suite by featured artists Steven Hopwood-Lewis, Misty Keasler, Margaret Meehan, M, and Brent Ozaeta."

SUNDAY Firehouse Gallery
Video installation from Thoriffic in the Engine Gallery.
August 23 : 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (FREE)
9PM - 11PM : Music by Twigs and Yarn ($5)

Image sort of courtesy of Metrognome Collective.


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