Thursday, August 06, 2009

It List: Thursday

Ryan Thomas Becker/The Heartstring Stranglers/Febrifuge (Art Six): This is possibly The Hearstring Stranglers last Denton performance before the band relocates to Budapest.

Top Notch Thursday With DJ Sober (The Cavern)

TV Ghost/Ultra Twist/Pipsqueak/Video (818 Hickory in Denton): I heard Mark E. Smith complain in an interview recently that bands who claim to be influenced by The Fall often just sound like The Talking Heads, who he considers "the enemy." Well, some of TV Ghost's mix of organ and erratic guitar parts do sound like The Fall, particularly something off of the "Grotesque: After The Gramme" record, and I think that works in their favor. I expected this to be yet another formulaic garage rock/punk band, and I think they are definitely above that designation.

The Ultra Twist are here all the way from Siena, Italy and they have a sound in that is unsurprising for a band named after a Cramps classic, though it should be mentioned how impressively dirty and nasty their recordings are. Video now features two wah pedals (that's right, one on bass. Yikes.)

80's Night With DJ G (Hailey's)


Paul Slavens (The Belmont located at 901 Fort Worth Ave in Oak Cliff)


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