Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Decades With DJ No Dad (Rubber Gloves): This is an interesting format for a DJ night; each hour represents a different decade from the 20th Century, with 10 PM representing the '60s and the Nineties aptly closing out the night around 1 AM. Hmm. Here's hoping we don't start with Lou Christie and end with Len. Luckily, I have faith in amateur DJ "No Dad," whose identity I won't reveal just yet. We're not into blowing someone's cover around here; Where's the fun in that? This will all be accompanied by projections and DND will also be taking requests. Event is free for 21 and up.

I want to add that earlier today I did one of those silly "50 Shows" lists on Facebook, and I was reminded of how many important or just plain great shows I've seen at RGRS over the years. Pretty remarkable.

Mount Righteous/England Ramaband/Politico/Flute Of The Loom (Zuroma located at 2140 Hall Johnson Rd. in Grapevine)

Rio Rasco/JT Mudd (The Cavern)


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