Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Paul McCartney (Cowboys Stadium): I can't think of a worse place to see Paul McCartney than this giant fucking Jerry Jones shrine in Arlington, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. The other day, DL and I were talking about our favorite Beatles songs and who wrote them. You can check out a full list of Beatles songs and writing credits here, which really got me thinking about my favorite Paul songs. Out of all the songs attributed just to McCartney, not to Lennon/McCartney, I'd have to go with "I've Just Seen A Face," "Martha My Dear," "Eleanor Rigby," or "Helter Skelter," I guess depending on what kind of mood I'm in (there is some argument as to whether "Eleanor Rigby" is really just a Paul song). What are some of your favorites? I'd start a Beatles vs. Stones thing too, but I've had that argument enough in person already, and I bet most people reading this would hate my answer. Anyway, McCartney always seems to play at least a few Beatles hits whenever he performs, so you can look forward to that if you're actually willing to shell out this kind of money for a ticket. And if you are, I'm guessing you're probably an ex-hippie baby boomer who thinks "free markets are totally groovy."

Darktown Strutters/Archibald Adams/No Mas Bodas (Rembrant's Dallas): Maybe I'm dumb for not knowing what Rembrant's is, but even though their website appears to no longer be functioning, I was able to ascertain that its some sort of "European cafe" downtown that serves beer, and is located at 703 McKinney Ave, Ste. 150, at McKinney and Houston. All three bands are interesting for sure-- I wonder how this will play out? Sounds worth checking out to me.
Hip Hop with Yeahdef (Hailey's)

Tile/Boy Tap/TraDemarx (the Cavern)

Ear Pwr/Toro Y Moi/Giggle Party (Good Records): This Parade of Flesh show was moved to Good Records from Pastime Tavern after Pastime up and canceled all remaining Parade of Flesh shows there. ADD: Or, to be more accurate, Pastime Tavern said they wouldn't do any all ages shows there anymore, citing some statute, and Parade of Flesh decided to move his shows to other locations as a result. Pretty lame, and certainly makes you wonder why-- do hipsters only buy set ups or something? Anyway, this is BYOB, all ages and starts at 8pm.


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