Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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The Raincoats - Live, Effenaar, The Netherlands, March 20, 1980

Hey dudes. It's been a while. Sorry.

I don't really have much in the way of details for this particular recording, other than it was recorded in March of '80 and subsequently broadcast on Holland's VPRO Radio in 2002. It's possible that it was also broadcast shortly after it was recorded, but I have not confirmed this. I'm also going to assume that drummer Palmolive had already been replaced by Ingrid Weiss by this point, but again, I cannot say this with certainty.

This recording is heavy on material from the Raincoats' self titled 1979 debut, with a few tunes from their then forthcoming sophomore release, Odyshape, which makes it drastically different from the group's official live album, 1982's The Kitchen Tapes. The girls sound pretty relaxed and deliver performances that are somehow both more laid back AND intense than their studio recorded counterparts.

I love the first two Raincoats records, but in the several years that this recording has been in my possession I have listened to it more than both of those albums combined. Enjoy!


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