Friday, August 07, 2009


Geez, what a bunch of shows. Why does everyone feel the need to constantly express themselves? Come on, take the night off. Do you really want to be worried about your big show all day, and all that entails? Having to load in, load out, walking around nervously while the other bands play or DJ's are on (who you are most surely better than, of course), monitoring your merch table and pretending you haven't made a mental note of everything you've sold and given away for free, until finally, it's your moment to shine. I have faith in you. You're going to be great. But you might also consider just kicking back and watching a baseball game or trying to make some real money or something. Dreams do have an expiration date, kids. Don't choke on the sour milk.

Music is supposed to be fun, right? Well, I can say with confidence that some of these shows actually do look fun.



Keith P/Redsean/DJ Dean Dillinger/Young Adult Fiction (Fallout Lounge)

My Son, My Executioner/Pee Wee Hermanator/On Earth As It Is In Heaven (Eisenbergs Skatepark located 930 E 15th St in Plano): Eisenbergs is a great place to catch a hardcore show. There is something about physics of the sound waves bouncing off of concrete and skate ramps that makes everything sound even more piercing and disgusting. Throw in the background clamor of worried parents shuffling about and you have yourself a real suburban punk experience, which is what it's all about when your really think about it. Beware of little in-line brats whizzing past you with all the confidence of a suicide bomber. Love this place.

Bob Dylan And His Band/John Mellencamp/Willie Nelson (Quiktrip Park located at 1600 Lone Star Parkway in Grand Prairie): Whoa, talk about commerce trampling all over taste in this lineup. I mean, Nelson and Dylan is a no-brainer, but throw in the experience of having to endure Mellencamp sing about chili dogs and shit just reminds you that the target demographic of this show is still often clueless about what's great concerning their own era's music.

Vega/Til We're Blue Or Destroy (The Lounge):
Apparently Wanz will also be DJ'ing this show tonight.

Broken Social Scene/Telegraph Canyon (Palladium Ballroom):

Vega (DJ Set)
/Big J/Yeah Def (Suite Basement):
I'm assuming this DJ set follows the "band" set at the Lounge, with what I don't doubt will be an illuminating listen into what influences separate Alan Palomo's project from similar acts. I saw some Denton parody Twitter thing recently where Alan was called a name, and I assure you from a strictly "pro" blog bro standpoint, he most certainly does not live up to what was said, and is about a million times easier to deal with than much less popular artists. I'm sure the Tweet was a joke, but I just want to reiterate that this guy is an angel compared to people you think would be a walk in the park.

Sleep Whale/Perhapsy/Dear, Human/Echo-Toll (Hailey's): So Sunnybrook is on Pitchfork, but I don't know if I've seen Sleep Whale (or Mom) on there before. It can be awkward when a solo project takes off, but sometimes it's the best thing for a band.

Pinebox Serenade/Delmore Pilcrow/Will Kapinos (Rubber Gloves)

Slackbeat/Dead Mellotron/The Chimeneas/Wu Fru De Lu VS Space Dragon Killah/Tiago Varjao (Bee's Manor located at 306 Texas St. in Denton): Wu Fru will have super limited edition cassettes for sale on local tape label, Asex Tapes. Keep in mind that C.O.L.D is basically across the street and there should be some healthy bleedover between shows.

Manias/Ecocide/Infernal Stronghold/Akkolyte/Embolization (The Alamo): The Alamo seems to be the new grind capitol of North Texas.

//TENSE///Preaux Breaux Geauxld/Diamond Hymen/Skeleton Warrior/Vulgar Fashion (Castle Of Luxurious Diamonds located at 1007 Oakland St. In Denton): Vulgar Fashion has one of the best dance tracks I've heard by a local group in the past year or so, "Krystal Lies," which is featured on their Myspace page. This show should be pretty chaotic, thanks in no small part to jittery minimal synth act //TENSE//, who are appearing after having to cancel a recent show at Mable Peabody's.


DJ Set by Daniel Ash of Love and Rockets, Tones On Tail etc. (Agave located at 2067 Summer Lee Dr, Ste 105 in Rockwall(!)): Where do I even begin about how weird this is? Sometimes a musician's life is all about looking at a sheet of paper and just saying yes if the money or exposure seems okay. Sometimes a little "Citysearch" on a place like Rockwall should also factor into the decision making process. Just a suggestion.

Method Man/Ghostface Killah/Redman (House Of Blues): Great lineup, though Ghostface seems to be the last guy here who has done much in the past five years. Did you know Killah Priest is playing the Lounge soon? Crazy.

Rational Anthem/Stymie/Year One/Genius Party (1919 Hemphill)

ST 37/Book of Shadows/Echo-Toll/The Ill Eat (Rubber Gloves)

Divorce/Orange Coax/Random Cuts/Nu Sensae (Castle Of Luxurious Diamonds located at 1007 Oakland St. in Denton)

DJ Wild In The Streets (DMA)

Matthew Delves Into The Humanity Pools/Darktown Strutters/Binary Sunrise (City Tavern)

Burntsienna Trio/Joe Fletcher/Samuel James/Spooky Folk (Hailey's)

The Shapes/A Square/DJ Mark Ridlen (The Cavern)


For Your Pleasure With DJ G (Hailey's)

Three On Sunday: "Who I Am And What I Want"/"Everything Is Terrible! The Movie"/"Rock And Roll Scopitones" (Dan's Silverleaf): Presented by Martin Iles.

Chris Isaak/Kristina Train (House Of Blues)

Nick Hennies/James Talambas (Firehouse Gallery)


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