Friday, August 21, 2009


There are a few good shows this weekend, but shit... not a whole hell of a lot seems to be going on. That's ok because I feel like garbage. Hope I'm not too mean with my short little weekender today:


Church of the Apocalypse/Divorce/Lil Foot/wu fru de lu/Welby/Colossi (Wasted Words Collective, 2404 S. Fielder Rd, Arlington): Still haven't had a chance to travel out to Arlington to the Wasted Word Collective, but there's something so right about harsh noise, drone and avant garde at a DIY space in Arlington that I'm seriously going to give it my best effort this evening. If you go, you'll hear harsh noise, drone, field recordings and all other kinds of stuff.

Tolar/Akkolyte/Nibru/Dissent/Till Death (Rubber Gloves): Nice grind/crust show tonight.

Keith P/Young Adult Fiction/Redsean (Fallout Lounge)

Uptown Friday with Select (Zubar)

Slobberbone/Macon Greyson/Danny Balis (Granada): It's Granada's 5th anniversary, and they're celebrating like its 1992 up in this! Still haven't heard the Danny Balis record, but I'm such a Ticket fan that I'll have to give it a listen at some point, right? Sorry sensitive thugz, I like sports, ok?


Dungen/Woods/Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (The Loft): When Dungen's first record was released back in 2004, it somehow took on an "instant classic" status in a lot of circles, and I remember the first conversation I ever had with DJ Nature revolved around how amazing that record was. After several years and several more releases, Dungen's image hasn't been tarnished, even if some of the later material has been less than perfect, and if the two previous times I've seen Dungen live serve as any indication, this will be a very good show. And Woodsist's much buzzed about Woods might kinda come off as hipster Neil Youngs at first, but many subsequent listens to their 2009 release Songs of Shame have revealed it to be one of the more exciting releases of the year. Featuring members of Meneguar and Wooden Wand, as well as the founder of Fuck It Tapes, their underground credentials are excellent, and their music is even better, as long as you can hang with that high pitched voice, which you probably can if you know what's good for you.

Convextion/Blixaboy/Fur/Ops (Rubber Gloves): This FREE show is certainly one of the more challenging and rewarding electronic bills you'll see in Denton, and despite the seeming lack of interest in tasteful electronic/dance music in DFW, Convextion is way more well known and respected around the world than like Matthew and the Arrogant Sea or something, ok? All jokes and insults aside, however, this is a great line up well worth checking out, and I didn't even think about the fact that Fur, AKA Bryce Isbell, used to be in Matthew and the Arrogrant Sea until after I wrote that.... anyway, if Basic Channel or Detroit techno or general minimalism appeal to you at all, be sure to to stay for local unsung hero Convextion.


Lil Wayne/Young Jeezy/Soulja Boy (Starplex): Um, do I really have to explain how fun this show will be? And as an FYI to the friends I was discussing this with last night, YES, this show is tomorrow... not last week. I should drink less.

For Your Pleasure with DJ G (Hailey's)


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