Monday, October 12, 2009

It List: Monday

Cool Out (The Cavern): Tonight is a "Cool Out Appreciation Party," AKA COAP, and the first 100 people in the door get a free drink. Um, excuse me, excuse me, um, Schwa, can I uh, um, get a Shirley Temple with extra Grenadine? Thanks.

La Dispute/Rise And Fall/Bitter End/Creatures/Mammoth Grinder (1919 Hemphill): UPDATE: Bitter End has dropped off the bill.

Alice Cooper's Theater Of Death (The Palladium): According to the press release for this show, Bob Dylan 'publicly proclaimed in a January 26, 1978, Rolling Stone cover story: "I think Alice Cooper is an overlooked songwriter."' That's a pretty eyebrow raising bit of information, but I find it to be a completely supportable opinion if you're familiar with Cooper's work beyond the surface-level theatrics for which he is mostly known. At the opposite end of the popular music spectrum, apparently John Lydon thinks that the "Killer" record from 1971 is the best rock album of all time, at least according to the always entertaining "Superbligged 84" blog, and there is a great post and show preview here. I think it's a drag that Alice is actually a golf-playing Republican, but I actually think most shock rockers are Republicans when you really break down the fascist and misogynist imagery.

U2/Muse (American Airlines Center): I heard parking at Cowboys Stadium is something along the lines of thirty dollars, which is not only absurd, but makes you think twice about complaining about a twelve dollar show. I am really glad that Glenn Beck likes Muse, and I really wish he would become a fan of more bands I can't stand, because I know it's very damaging to a group's credibility.

U2. Hmm. What is left to say about them, except that I support the assessment that they have the "worst rhythm section in the history of Rock," and that R.E.M. once totally showed them up on their own song. In fact the only terrible part of that video is U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr's annoying bongo playing. Not surprising.

Paul Slavens (Dan's Silverleaf)

Bad Ass Jazz (The Amsterdam)

ADD: Mayhem Mondays with Grindmaster Stef (Fallout Lounge)


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